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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 06/24/10
Rank: 120/124
Reviews: 222
Rating: 54%

Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet.

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#111 by worm from Rigel 9
"How could you, Leela? I thought you had some standards. I mean, jeez, he's a dumb, gross gorilla!" what about fry? i did not like In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela and that really scares me. "But that's not why people watch TV. Clever things make people feel stupid, and unexpected things make them feel scared." i'm a fan since the beginning in 1999 and i never thought there would ever be a episode i didn't like. left me feeling confused "All I want out of life is to be a monkey of moderate intelligence" still nice to have futurama back.

worm from Rigel 9 gave 5 points

#112 by Magical Hamster
I liked the refrence to Star Trek: The Motion Picture and felt the episode was overall more of an episode than Rebirth. Rebirth had to get new viewers up to speed as well as conclude ITWGY.

Magical Hamster gave 4 points

#113 by Zap Zero
Yeah, if a 3.5 existed I would have given it that.

Leela has a history of sleeping with men when she feels like "Eve" remember the episode with 'Al'cazar?


Fry+the Beaurocrat
Fry (wanting to +) Leela

Kiff+Leela's DNA for their one-eyed tadpoles.

Zoidberg + NO ONE, and if he did he'd die...

Bender+1000 Hookerbots.

Sexuality has been an underlying theme in Futurama since season one. Don't freak out just becuase they had an episode with (sorta) nudity in it.

Giving it a 4 instead of a three because of the Haters.

Zap Zero gave 4 points

#114 by JSR
Yes, some of the jokes in this episode were not executed particularly well (V-GINY?!? Seriously?!?) However, overall, this was a great episode that fits right in with any of the eps from the original run.

JSR gave 5 points

#115 by Kyle
Great episode! They're back and better than ever!

Kyle gave 5 points

#116 by Demortu
I wasn't very impressed with this episode. With the Zapp and Leela storyline being the main plot it was fairly weak, reliant mainly on the single punchline of Zapp lying. The other half of the story with the remaining crew was weak indeed and lacked any real substance or inventiveness following the first 5 minutes of the show.

The professor's character is still written well, and to be fair Zapp and Leela still sound like Zapp and Leela but the rest of the cast seem a little off - particularly Fry whose dialogue seems forced and rarely amusing to any degree.

The end was also disappointing coming to no real conclusion - and leaving it to the viewer's interpretation seemed lazy when they should be looking for a clever way to wrap things up rather than having the V-GINY space ship completely contradict its intentions at the end.

Demortu gave 1 point

#117 by bendah red sox
I feel like what made the show funny to me was that fox regulated them so much. They had to find creative ways to make you laugh. in the last episodes and movies they have started going more on the crude side. i guess just because you can do something doesnt mean you should.

bendah red sox gave 3 points

#118 by Rene
It was a pretty good episode, but I did not like that Leela and Zap were forced to sleep together at the end.

Rene gave 3 points

#119 by Jiri Petru
Signing in to say this was the worst episode ever. Futurama was always about clever, nerdy and somethimes difficult humour, not about cheap sexual stuff. It began with the last movie and continues now. This episode had no subtlety, it was too obvious and too cheap. This is not the Futurama I know and love. I mean... forced sex? Seriously? Amy in a SM suit saying: "So the orgy is off?" Or Fry saying: "This is a good place to take a dump." Waaay below the former intelligent standard. It makes Futurama into a teen flick.

That being said, I love Zap Brannagan and his plan was nice and funny - it's just the actual gags and presentation that were horrible.

Also, nice to have you back, doctor Zoidberg.

Jiri Petru gave 1 point

#120 by Kel
Decent episode, some great lines, but the show suffers without a large amount of Fry and Bender. Leela and Zapp were a bit overdone here ... still, some laugh out loud moments!

Kel gave 3 points

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