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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 09/01/11
Rank: 7/124
Reviews: 149
Rating: 92%

Bender evolves into a godlike being after vastly increasing his processing power.

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#111 by blow
It blew my mind balls off!!!!!!!!!

blow gave 5 points

#112 by Scooty-Puff Sr.
'i hacked myself inside out, and now the entire universe is my processor'
excellent, amazin' and awesome just don't sum up how brilliant this episode was !! the plot was great, the writing was superb, and the animation was spot on. zoidberg being hit with the ceiling fan, bender in the cooling plan and the jury collies did it 4 me, and i thought the hoverfish 'sentinals' were cool. it was great to see fry and leela discussing their fate at the end, that last look they gave each other was something special 4 every shipper ! this should have being the last episode, so lets hope the next one lives up to it!

Scooty-Puff Sr. gave 5 points

#113 by GweenHouseGwass
It amazes me how any sort of bad review for the episode is automatically trolling. Futurama fans can be an ignorant bunch.

Anyways, i gotta agree with those who were underwhelmed. The jokes just fell flat for me, and the Fry/Leela arc very forced. Still think they can come up with something better then Leela leaving and then coming back with a changed mind. Still, something was amusing about this one. Farnsworth was as hilarious as always, and i enjoyed the Bender story. Still, nowhere near the quality of a good pre-cancellation episode. Just my opinion of course.

Commence troll accusations.

GweenHouseGwass gave 3 points

#114 by !iMmOrTaL!
I liked this episode. Though I felt that the Fry and Leela story should have been more of an A story rather than the B story of the episode.

If I can offer some advise to the writers. Make sure Fry and Leela's relationship is addressed in much more detail and story at the beginning of Season 7.

!iMmOrTaL! gave 4 points

#115 by orth
"quick, zoidberg, move 3 steps to the left!"

brilliant. undoubtedly the best episode of the season for me.

orth gave 5 points

#116 by Smalfri2
Great episode, Fry seemed like his normal self again. One more episode and then we must wait once again:(

Smalfri2 gave 5 points

#117 by dave
Fun Bender episode. Mom in the Farrah pinup was so wrong though. ;)

dave gave 5 points

#118 by FutureCC
Some may say that this new season of Futurama is bad, or some like me may say it is good, but not as great as it was when FOX aired it. But This episode was a classic, good episode. The ending with Fry and Leela was sweet... :) First Cold Warriors a good episode, then this classic. Two in a row, good job Futurama. ;)

FutureCC gave 5 points

#119 by ross elling
great episode best of the season.Though the name of the episode should have been overclocking instead of overclockwise

ross elling gave 5 points

#120 by cyber_turnip
I'll start by getting the bad out of the way:
This episode doesn't make enough use of its (absolutely outstanding) premise of Bender becoming a God-like being due to being overclocked.

Now for the good:
Everything else.

The episode ties up the messy handling of Fry and Leela's relationship throughout season 6 into something of a rather nice story-arc.
The story makes good use of the show's core cast without any of them feeling crow-barred in.
It's very funny.
As already mentioned, the concept of Bender becoming almost omnipotent is just delicious.
The final seconds of the episode make up one of the most touching moments in the show's history (which is saying something when you talk about 'Futurama'). I genuinely nearly shed a tear.

'Overclockwise' is without doubt, the best episode of 6B and the 2nd best episode of season 6 as a whole after 'The Late Philip J. Fry'. At times, it feels like a shame that they didn't make it a 2-parter so as to have more time to do the concept justice, but still, what we have here is a tightly-crammed, 22-minute long bit of brilliance.

@solmaquina on Twitter!

cyber_turnip gave 5 points

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