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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Why Must I Be A Crustacean in Love?
First aired 02/06/00
Rank: 41/124
Reviews: 167
Rating: 86%

Zoidberg returns to his home planet to find a partner when his species begins its mating season. Unfortunately, his courting skills took a dive due to the long time he spent on earth.

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#121 by Arron(secretley Ted)
he he he he AMAZING

Arron(secretley Ted) gave 5 points

#122 by Anthony Alvarez
Zoidberg is very funny, So is Amy.
Talk about a colosseum battle to the death! But tearing off Amy's clothes, well it made me laugh so hard, I had a sore throat the next day! 4 is the score!

Anthony Alvarez gave 4 points

#123 by Slidog313
After 13 marvelous episodes of Futurama, it started to fall in comedy and idea.

I second that emotion,
Brannigan begin again,
and Head in the polls,
brought nothing new to the series, except shame.

X-mas story somewhat made up for the poor episodes, but it wasn't enough to restore my faith in the show.

I sat down to watch the episode. In the first 5 minutes you see a amazing sight of Zoidberg flipping out in a gym. I continued to watch and was pleased to know they were going to show Zoiberg's homeworld, while also adding the fact that Zoiberg was going to go to mate at his homeworld also.

Gags fly here and there.
From Amy being an idiot and loosing the bands on Zoidbergs claws, to Zoidberg's homeworld's rituals.

In a way this is the first episode that depicts REAL emition in Zoidberg and Fry actually being smart. Zoidberg and Fry have some funny scene time together. From the gladiator-ish scene to Fry whispering pick-up lines to Zoidberg so he can impress Edna.

Leela has a couple lines that are ok. Bender is the same. Even though Bender and Leela aren't in this episode that much they get multiple episodes revolving them while Zoidberg gets (I think) three. And on that note this is the best.

Great episode, funny, smart and great in animation. Great effort, if only this episode rub off on the other Zoidberg episodes, that were failures.


Slidog313 gave 5 points

#124 by Borat Sadjiyev
In this episode we finally get to see Zoidberg's home planet which is as funny you'd expect it to be.

Maybe not to best episode but definitely one of the funniest.

Borat Sadjiyev gave 5 points

#125 by Robo-John recieving
Some awesome lines
Zoidberg: "Now look what you did she won't shut up"
later Zoidberg asks desparingly how he's going to get rid of his male jelly. Fry holds up his severed right arm with his left one, "you could borrow this"

Robo-John recieving gave 5 points

#126 by Gari
This episode is definitely one of my favourites and here are my reasons:

1. Zoidberg is by far the greatest Futurama character and it was interesting to see where he came from.
2. The star trek war theme as the national anthem made me laugh so hard I nearly fell off my chair
3. Edna going on about her day.
4. Fry's choice of weapon
5. "Dr.Zoiberg is my friend for a reason and that reason is" Thwack! *turns around* "You bastard!"

Gari gave 5 points

#127 by megaman232
Funny as zoidberg made me laugh my ass off. with lines like its not what it looks like shes got her caviar on your

megaman232 gave 5 points

#128 by ifsgisdjsigsg
This is a hillarious episode

ifsgisdjsigsg gave 5 points

#129 by Pokemon Maniac
Two things. 1. Hillarious. 2. Which would you choose, Death, or sex with a crab alien?

Pokemon Maniac gave 5 points

#130 by Anonymous Coward
Disgustingly hilarious. Big emphasis on the former. :-)

Anonymous Coward gave 5 points

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