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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Where No Fan Has Gone Before
First aired 04/21/02
Rank: 50/124
Reviews: 286
Rating: 84%

Fry is put on trial for his life for traveling to the forbidden planet of Omega 3 to retrieve all 79 episodes of "Star Trek", and he must defend the claim that human kind needs "Star Trek" to give them hope for the future.

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#121 by Belve
soooooo goood, its soo simple

Belve gave 5 points

#122 by Icehouseman
Best Episode Ever. I don't think there'll be another episode as funny and great as this episode. It reminds me of watching season four Simpsons episodes again where they crammed in jokes for every second of the episode. Of course for a Trek nerd like me; this was pure ectasy. Best Part: Shatner doing an Eminem song. 2nd best part: Fry in that thing ala Captain Pike. Of course there were all the particular jokes at Star Trek's expense. Worst part: None. Perfect Futurama episode. It can't get better than this.

Icehouseman gave 5 points

#123 by Kristi
Terrific episode. I laughed all the way through. I've never watched much Star Trek so I didn't get some of the jokes, but I got a lot of them (I think).

Fry was so funny in this episode. The caterpillar bow and Star Trek jokes I actually got were also very funny. There was only one part I didn't like, when Leela and William Shatner made out. Ugh. Leela can be so slutty sometimes (like when she slept with Zapp). Also, why did Fry look so disheveled in that beeping machine thing?

Anyway, great ep! It had non-stop-laughter and reminded me of earlier episodes.

Kristi gave 5 points

#124 by Luke
A downright hilarious episode for all sorts of reasons. The interaction of the Star Trek cast was great, as each member (save WELSHY!) sent themselves up perfectly while at the same time avoiding obvious pardoy. The PX Crew was in rare form, too. Even the structure of the episode was like an old ST ep! Bender's line about "another sci-fi show cancelled before its time" was too funny, although I can only hope that Futurama will prove as hardy as Trek. George's little tirade about karate had me rolling.

One of the best episodes of the series, and that is saying something!

Luke gave 5 points

#125 by jonathan
best episode ever

jonathan gave 5 points

#126 by Stover
Very funny and great ep.

Stover gave 5 points

#127 by utah sanchez
Sure, it's basically only Leela, Bender and Fry in this episode, but this is my favourite of the whole series. I'm a trekkie so I got all the jokes and I was almost sick from laughing. Classic tv.

utah sanchez gave 5 points

#128 by Max Bellamy
Wait a minute! This episode was originally supposed to take place AFTER "The Why Of Fry"! I'm bringing this up because Leela kissed Fry at the end of that episode, right? So why is she kissing Shatner in this episode? Did the writers forget how the episode before ended? They should really watch the past episode before they do the episode afterwards. Any way, besides that, this episode had one of the best written dialouge of any episode before. "Welshyyyyyyyy!!!!!"

Max Bellamy gave 5 points

#129 by Geddy Lee
Perfect. The best Futurama episode ever. Right here. I'm not sure how you can like Futurama and not like Star Trek (since the concept of Futurama is a parody of Star Trek).

Geddy Lee gave 5 points

#130 by Kps
This is the best episode of Futurama they made. I just can't stop myself from watching it over and over again. I love all of the Star Trek spoofs like Whelsy, Jonathan Frakes, the ships... My favorite line has to be 'like a ballon, and something bad happens.' I wish I could give this episode a rating higher than 5.

Kps gave 5 points

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