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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Proposition Infinity
First aired 07/08/10
Rank: 110/124
Reviews: 181
Rating: 68%

Bender leads a campaign to legalize robosexual marriage between humans and robots.

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#121 by Mason

Mason gave 5 points

#122 by bassbait
I like the updating of the new season, but I also would like more character depth. Of course, one of my favorite things about Futurama is it can peak your moods and then kill them. Such as the dog waiting for Fry, the first movie was both a great reference to that episode as well as closure knowing that the dog didn't starve to death. I like the usage of modern things like the Iphone and Prop 8, but it seems a little too liberal, and I would rather have more jokes that feel right with the characters. This episode showed too much affection from Bender, and although I liked the end, I would rather Bender be the cold tin can that he's been. Also, I love the usage of Zoidberg in recent episodes, but would like some more Zapp and Professor. Otherwise, just as great as ever!

bassbait gave 4 points

#123 by Andrius
Best regards from Lithuania, best show ever, so all episodes are the best :)

Andrius gave 5 points

#124 by Elbow
Pointing out that the union of ghosts and horses is accepted in "Futurama" society reminded me that, even in our real world, no one seems to have a problem with an adult ghost having a horse or even a unicorn as a partner.
That said, the cheaplaffinessness of the ghost booing during the rally made me fall out of my chair, hit my head, and die.

I am now a ghost (writer) and I find the joke mildly offensive... but still somewhat funny... in a spectral, cheaplaffinous kinda way.

Elbow gave 4 points

#125 by suicidejockey333
Good episode, but a bit too "preachy" Hope that further episodes can still get their message across, yet retain the type of humour of the original series. Great to see the series return!

suicidejockey333 gave 4 points

#126 by WadeTyhon
I've been reasonably pleased with the new season, other than the final act of episode 2. But following this episode I'm more than pleased-I'm ecstatic.

While the ending was a tad rushed, the overall flow of the episode felt more natural than the previous two, and the jokes hit more than they missed. Specifically, the one liners are in full force. This is going to be one quotable episode.

The only downside to the storytelling has to do with the complete absence of Kif between, oh, minutes 5 to 20. Just some sort of reaction to see how he was taking the news of Amy being engaged would have made the ending more believable. Otherwise, perfect.

WadeTyhon gave 5 points

#127 by Tom D
A more faithful recreation of the structure of the old Futurama, held back by a slightly underwhelming story.

The zanier humour has been turned down a little but not completely and the sketch style of some of the earlier scenes and their bearing little relation to the main plot of the episode are a little reminiscent of where the Simpsons started to go wrong. They're certainly not too far down that path to turn back, though, and the structure of the plot and writing style for rest of the episode was at least in the vein some of the more fondly remembered episodes, even if the ideas presented missed the mark a little.

Once again, some great jokes, a few interesting ideas and a little more promise.

Futurama hasn't returned yet...but it gets closer every week.

Tom D gave 3 points

#128 by Lucky Monkey
Easily better than "I Dated A Robot." A solid episode from start to finish.

I don't know what all the naysayers are whining about ...

Lucky Monkey gave 5 points

#129 by conditionals
You're all holding these new episodes up to an unrealistic standard. An old Futurama so came on TV today, and this one, which I watched after, was much funnier. The characters were spot-on, as well. Sure, some of the humor was as forced as Elbow's comment up above mine, but it, like the comment, was still sort of funny.

Great to have Futurama back. Lay off it, you ungrateful somethings.

conditionals gave 4 points

#130 by rockchicklora
It was really surprising to see Bender and Amy get together! I really enjoyed this episode because it shows a different side to bender, but amy was her usual self :D overall 10/10 :))))

rockchicklora gave 4 points

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