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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Lethal Inspection
First aired 07/22/10
Rank: 43/124
Reviews: 172
Rating: 86%

Bender learns that he suffers from a mortal manufacturing defect.

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#131 by Inspector (2+3)
An excellent addition to the great background stories (ie. Luck of the Fryish, Leela's Homeworld, and Jurassic Bark).

Inspector (2+3) gave 5 points

#132 by Rachel D.
This was a really good episode and it was interesting to see Bender and Hermes go on an adventure together. The good ol' Futurama humor has returned, with background jokes and everything. I didn't notice the Adobe Photo Shoppe in Mexico until the second time I watched this episode and it made me laugh out loud.

Rachel D. gave 5 points

#133 by Cookuru Benderu
The strongest and most well written episode of season 6 (7?) so far. Epic ending, an instant classic in my opinion. Once again a strong 'performance' from Bender, who seems to be in top form this season.

Though, besides the ending, it lacks that extra touch you find in some of the superb earlier episodes, so no full score.

Cookuru Benderu gave 4 points

#134 by Jeff
Its a calculater I ate it to gain its power

Jeff gave 5 points

#135 by Jarvio
A good episode. I'm not a big fan of Hermes, but I much prefered this episode to other Hermes eps such as HHRHGB and the route of all evil (if you count that as a Hermes ep). A highlight of the ep for me was the old man finally reaching the front of the queue of the central buorocracy (spelt?), the same old man we saw in HHRHGB. I also liked the ending, very touching.

Jarvio gave 4 points

#136 by cyber_turnip
Wahoo! Lethal Inspection continues the upward trend of season 6 after the epic lull of Attack of the Killer App. Unlike Proposition Infinity and The Duh-Vinci Code, I didn't feel that this episode felt much like 'classic' Futurama. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. It felt sort of like 'Futurama Redux' or something like that if it makes sense.

The first 5 minutes suck and may well be Futurama's lamest opening, set-up, act-1 gag-fest type section of the episode ever. But soon after that Bender is forced to face mortality and we're given an interesting pairing of lead characters in Bender and Hermes. It's a nice, relatively understated plot concept and one that plays out very nicely -in part thanks to the episode's absolutely outstanding direction. Much of the shots and little, subtle details are just incredible (the sequence when Bender starts punching a wall may well be my favourite 'subtle touch' in Futurama's history. It says so much about the character and what he's going through and doesn't exist to set up a joke or plot-point).

The ending was wonderful. If you're familiar with Futurama, this episode uses the same formula as Jurassic Bark, The Luck of the Fryrish and most similarly, Leela's Homeworld. It isn't sad, but it's very touching and sweet.

The episode's weakest area is definitely its humour. It's probably the least funny episode since In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela and most of the jokes that do work are strange, vaguely surreal or oddly worded little moments -not usual Futurama humour at all. However, I'm a firm believer that comedy built around a strong plot is always better than plot built around strong comedy and the storyline here is definitely good enough to forgive the jokes being somewhat lighter than usual. And the episode is still funny, I should point out -just not as funny as Futurama usually is.

Overall, it's the best constructed episode of the season so far (well, it was when it aired) and comes close to Rebirth for best episode of the season, but I side with Rebirth purely as it was a lot funnier for me. It was nice to see that this upward trend continued on to the next episode.

cyber_turnip gave 4 points

#137 by Bigsi
Love the joke about the calculator "i ate it to gain its power, an original joke, which is hard to come by

Bigsi gave 5 points

#138 by Xad
I loved this episode, especially the end where everything was revealed and tied together. Wasn't expecting that, just thought #5 would remain a mystery - my mind is slow lol.

Baby bender was cute! Very touching end with a nice background song too.

Xad gave 5 points

#139 by LuckOfTheFryrish
Fantastic episode. It had a lot of very Futuramaesque humor that I think had been lacking up until this point in the season. The Duh-Vinci Code was good and I felt the humor in it was beginning to return to its former glory but this episode was far better in that regard. I can't wait to see the rest of the season.

LuckOfTheFryrish gave 5 points

#140 by Brian
Another great one. Started a little slowly, but picked up momentum as soon as Hermes and Bender started looking for #5. Loved having these two be the central characters (for the first time at the same time?), and Mom's machine-gun robots were hilarious.

Brian gave 4 points

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