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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Cryonic Woman
First aired 12/03/00
Rank: 118/124
Reviews: 250
Rating: 57%

Due to a career chip screw-up, Fry gets Leela's old job as a fate assigning officer at a cryogenics lab. There he discovers his old girlfriend Michelle, who froze herself shortly after he disappeared.

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#141 by futuramashouldreturn
The plot actually had potential to be extremely entertaining; unfortunately it ended up being wasted thanks to the rather uninteresting Michelle and [the episode's] closing act, which doesn't live up to the quality of humor that the series can muster with its other episodes. Michelle [and by extent Paulie Shore at the end], despite being one of the characters the episode is centered on (second of course, only to Fry), she becomes the biggest detractor to my viewing with her caricature representation which is taken TOO EXTREMELY. Poor Fry.

I actually thought about giving this a one, but the excellent opening (BAM! "...and that's how we learnt our lesson."), Act One, Bender scaring the defrostees, and ALL of Zoidberg's appearances (the saving grace of Act Two) in this episode pull it up enough for it be a 4 in my eyes...well, as long as I don't watch til the end.

They should have just focused on Fry, Leela and Bender's "jobs" -- that would have probably made a better episode than Michelle's return. In fact, they probably should have saved it for when Fry and Leela fall for each other, so that there would have been a better and much more interesting dynamic "triangle" to the story.

futuramashouldreturn gave 4 points

#142 by inuyasha obsession
it wasn't that good. i didn't like it that much. when they are scaring people in the crio tubes that is great but it isn't the best episode.

inuyasha obsession gave 3 points

#143 by rado907
Very nice episode dunno what you guys have against it.
The skateboarding sequence was pretty cool btw (eh i'm not skater or anything just to clear that up).

the ending was weird though, the professor throwing fry otta the ship wtf... though it did make sense.

rado907 gave 5 points

#144 by Sean The Fry
A good start but a let down near the end. I would say that there are funny moments but it isn't the best episode I've seen.

Sean The Fry gave 3 points

#145 by jason_c
didnt like this one but still better than any new simpsons episode when compared, only a few laughs here and there

jason_c gave 2 points

#146 by bobdude10
Jason_c how could u give this ep 2? It's gr8, may nt b da funniest, but still gr8.

bobdude10 gave 4 points

#147 by do the bender baby
Ok the end sucks, oh yeah. But the beginning is terrific. All the jokes that Bender does are so funny. The one with the elder dude is awesome. Giant fies and killing robot..Sorry I am cracking up..

do the bender baby gave 3 points

#148 by Me (Not Me)
This episode angered and disturbed me. First of all, in that Zoidberg episode (U know the one where he sees his uncle) LA was perfect. Not to neglect LA was a wastland. The whole thing was Screwed.

Me (Not Me) gave 1 point

#149 by bender
great at the start, but the end was very boring. i loved the part when bendr scares the old man who comes out the freezer tube and he starts to have a heart attack and bender pushes him in the tube again.overall a okay ep.

bender gave 3 points

#150 by BB
I agree with Me. This really sucked!

BB gave 1 point

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