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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Duh-Vinci Code
First aired 07/15/10
Rank: 92/124
Reviews: 160
Rating: 76%

The crew races to future Rome to unearth the shocking secret of Leonardo da Vinci.

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#141 by IamMe
A little dissapointing, honestly. I liked the story (I don't think they've ever done an episode that explores Fry and the Proffessor's relationship before),but Fry was a little too dumb to funny most of the time. I mean, he's always been really dumb, but it's never been quite this exaggerated or forced, he felt pretty one dimensional in this episode.

IamMe gave 3 points

#142 by sergio
Pretty good episode overall. Have to say my fav is the mindswitch or timemachine one. "Bye Animatronio!"

sergio gave 4 points

#143 by Rachel D.
Finally caught this one in a rerun. It wasn't the best episode ever, but it really deserves more than the 77% or so rating that it has now. Fry *did* seem overly-dumb, but it was funny and the episode was about being dumb, so it's OK with me. I thought the storyline was pretty creative, also.

Rachel D. gave 4 points

#144 by pomodoro
I think to really enjoy this episode, you have to be a fan of DaVinci. I say this since I was very entertained while most people don't seem to have liked it much.

pomodoro gave 4 points

#145 by James
A good episode. I liked it more then the previous four before it. Looking back this got better with repeated viewings. The whole bang a nail with another nail thing was ingenius. Too bad it was too pop culture oriented. Not that that is a bad thing. It worked in this episode. 4/5

James gave 4 points

#146 by chitsujo
I'm your usual devoted futurama fan. Like most of us, I've seen every episode innumerable times. Somehow, this one just didn't have me laughing. The first half is okay, but Animatronio and Da Vinci are both pretty disinteresting characters with hardly any lines that get me to crack a smile.

Also, as some other reviewers have said, they play up Fry's stupidity in order to support the plotline. Unfortunately this means a lot of Fry's screen time is also tiresome or predictably one-dimensional. For me, some of Fry's strongest moments in the series are when he exhibits unexpected clairity.

A good example of a more appealingly complex Fry is in 'How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back'. When challenged to explain why there's a baseball cap full of yogurt in his locker, Fry replies: "When I put it in there it was milk, but, time makes fools of us all". Brilliant, brilliant stuff there. He has the where-with-all to explain why it didn't make sense to HIM, just not to explain why he wanted to do such a ridiculous thing in the first place.

Boiling fry down to "the dumb guy with a big heart" is neither funny nor interesting.

Anyway, this episode has some okay moments throughout, but nothing that really hits the mark for me.


chitsujo gave 2 points

#147 by Nimble Corn
Unlike the previous efforts in this series, I didn't cringe once through this episode. As another reviewer mentioned, Frys stupidity has always been somewhat flexible, so no problem there. Heading in the right direction...I may just buy the dvd yet!

Nimble Corn gave 4 points

#148 by Smeds
This episode was nearly as good as The Late Philip J. Fry, with the highlights being the fantastic writing given to the professor. "THERE CAN BE NO QUESTION!"

Smeds gave 5 points

#149 by mushroomsinsideme
Awful, just awful.

mushroomsinsideme gave 1 point

#150 by crushinatrix2009
Very well done Futurama team, bravisimo.

crushinatrix2009 gave 5 points

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