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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Bendin' In The Wind
First aired 04/22/01
Rank: 97/124
Reviews: 199
Rating: 74%

A mishap with a can opener leaves Bender paralyzed. He joins Beck's tour as a washboard player, while the rest of the Planet Express crew goes on a road trip in a 20th century van that Fry found.

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#151 by Marge
the best episode! why? cause Beck is in it!"odelay is a real word, look in the Becktionnary"

Marge gave 5 points

#152 by rs-weez
the worst futurama episode

rs-weez gave 1 point

#153 by DSN
I thought this was a pretty good episode overall. People who say that it was nothing more than a celebrity ass kissing episode don't know what an ass kissing episode is. Not many celebrities would take so many shots at their expense. Lines like "odelay is a real word, look in the Becktionnary" and "I use those all the time in my music" (refering to the irritating noise bender makes), and "It's kind of like my song 'Devil's Haircut'...wait, what was that song about?". This kind of irreverence was refreshing in this era of kissing hollywood's ass for a 10 second cameo.

DSN gave 4 points

#154 by holly
when bender gets better though he was funny. this is a good episode

holly gave 5 points

#155 by Shiny
I'm not a Beck fan...I had no idea he wasn't a Futurama original character/spoof of modern folky musicians...and I thought it was a hilarious episode. So many good lines...Bender's song...Cylon and could anyone hate this ep?

Bender was just incredible. "For the love of god will somebody kick his ass?!" "Go Bender! Go Bender" (waves little arms) "Oh, crap, a miracle!" And when Bender forgets himself and dances on stage, I love how he's suddenly MORE flexible than we've ever seen him be before! Priceless!

I loved the crew turning hippy in the van. But why do people think the Professor was with them? Neither he nor Hermes went along...just Fry, Leela, Amy, and Zoidberg (the young folk and the loser). I loved seeing a bit of Leela's "wild side" (we know she dropped out of school to bum around India for a few months, this isn't any different). Fry was a hoot, dragging the van home, wearing the corpse's headband...he looked pretty good in it, too. Heh.

I also think people confuse "Futurama kissing Beck's ass" with [i]Bender[/i] kissing Beck's ass. But Bender's reaction to Beck is no different than his reaction to Elzar or Calculon, nyet? Totally in character for Bender.

My true rating for this would be a 4, because like "Future Stock" and "Pharaoh to Remember" it's funny without being [i]quintessentially[/i] Futurama, but I'm offsetting the extraordinarily low scores. Has the Simpsons' guest-appearances-gone-awry just wounded everyone so badly that they can't look past a celebrity voice to see a heap'o great jokes and a great Bender tour-de-force? Meh.

Shiny gave 5 points

#156 by will
This is one of my favourite episodes. The song at the end is really good and Beck was really good too!

will gave 4 points

#157 by Anthony Alvarez
First of all, I don't like Beck. But Bender was great at singing, Dr. Zoidberg getting scolded by Amy for ruining their clothes but then again they all liked the Tie-Dye style. Bender is still the funniest for singing folk songs though but yeah, he made this episode great. Go Bender!!!

Anthony Alvarez gave 5 points

#158 by Ford
It's good, but it's no "Roswell that Ends Well", best bit: Zoidberg coughing up pearls

Ford gave 3 points

#159 by FlowerPower
Beck Hanson, the great Scientologist himself makes a very special guest appearence in this episode; and what a treat it is. Led Zeppelin, a San Fransisco van chase, and Zoidberg's hippie love beads all contribute to this most enjoyable of television programs. Bender's character is fleshed out in this episode some more as he comes to grip with his newly paralised body. This is how he ends up going on tour with Beck and he realizes his secret lifelong dream of becoming a folk singer. This plot does get a little tedious but keeps the story moving. The sub-plot is, as always, more entertaining. But both plots come together nicely and the third act is arguably the most entertaining. Overall, a great episode to watch high with friends, or alone with a guitar. Sexx laws will lead you to freedom.

FlowerPower gave 4 points

#160 by poppler
Aside from the corny music and the Woodstock scene,I thought it was a good show

poppler gave 3 points

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