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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Three Hundred Big Boys
First aired 06/15/03
Rank: 58/124
Reviews: 515
Rating: 83%

After the latest victory, President Nixon distributes the silken spoils of war as a $300 tax rebate.

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#151 by Vamsi
An enjoyable episode, though a notch below 'The Sting' and 'Parabox'.

Favorite moments: Scruffy's new haircut, the whale-biologist, Fry's binge coffee-drinking.

The scene at the end after Fry's 100th cup was a truly inspired Futurama moment. The animation was beautiful and it was joy to watch. Just wish Fry got some credit for his heroics.


The Amy-Kif segments were tedious and devoid of humor. This just reinforces my opinion that Kif is only funny during his interaction with Zap Brannigan. If you think about it, the Kif/Amy-centric episodes are pretty dull.

I have a love-hate relationship with Zoidberg. In this episode, he was pretty annoying and I didn't find him all that funny. Zoidberg is defintely better in small doses. The rare exception was the episode where he returned to his homeworld. Of course, he was at his finest in 'Roswell Ends Well'. That was classic Zoidberg!

Overall, a good episode with some decent laughs. Fry's 'coffee scene' saves it from mediocrity.

Vamsi gave 4 points

#152 by Tallymebananna
Sweet. Not as good as "the farnsworth parabox", but it's still sweet futurama goodness.

Tallymebananna gave 5 points

#153 by Apple IIgs
While I really enjoyed "Sting" and "Paradox" (especially the former), it's episodes like this that make it seem like good and logical sense that FOX is cancelling Futurama. In many ways it reminded me of current Simpsons episodes--no direction, no plot, childish humour (e.g. the whale vomitting over and over), and humour lacking one-liner jokes sprinkled here and there.

Episodes like this also seem to forget this is a sci-fi series about the future. The premise for 300 Big Boys could have easily been played out as a current Simpsons episode with little tweaking, no?

I could go into details, but there's no need. It was just a disappointing episode overall. The only positive thing is it makes me think, "if this is what we're going to be missing with Futurama's cancellation, then maybe it TV-death is a good thing...".

Apple IIgs gave 1 point

#154 by Lrrr
Just Hilarious. I loved it

Lrrr gave 5 points

#155 by thumbsdown
What the hell? This sucked. No difference with a new simpsons episode except for the characters

thumbsdown gave 1 point

#156 by philip j fry
That was the best episode ever it was so funny! When fry hit 100 cups I just about pissed myself! And when he said smoke it already go go go puff puff that was too funny!

philip j fry gave 5 points

#157 by Jack G.
Awful!!! Why do you guys insist on giving this horrible show good reveiws. God! YOU ARE ALL NERDS! JESUS CHRIST! Get a life! I watched this one by accident and the first one on its debute and they were both awful. I just have to display my displeasure. I said it once and I'll say it again, praise FOX for cancelling this piece of shit, waste of time cartoon. AWFUL!

Jack G. gave 1 point

#158 by servo

Didn't like it quite as much as the last few. But it was still very good. So, that's what happens when you drink 100 cups of coffee, eh? Gonna have to try that!

servo gave 4 points

#159 by Freddie Prinze Jr.
Talk about a sucky episode. I guess the last 2 were so classic that it was hard to keep the pace. Fry saving the day was cool, except there was no follow-up; he didn't meet the others outside... What was he doing w/ his super speed? The giant shoes were so lame. Whale Biologist was cool. Everything else that didn't suck was forgetable. It reminded me a lot of the first two seasons. IMO, all the politically-charged episodes sacrifice humor for message. This one wasn't too political; it just sucked. Let me know when you find the plot.

Freddie Prinze Jr. gave 1 point

#160 by 1337
bwahahahaha, the only thing that sucks about this episode is that it is one of the last.

1337 gave 3 points

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