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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Roswell that Ends Well
First aired 12/09/01
Rank: 6/124
Reviews: 374
Rating: 93%

A supernova sends the crew back in time to 1947, where they land in Roswell, Area 51. Fry and Bender's head have to go in for a rescue mission.

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#161 by Popetastic
One of the most FUN episodes of the series. Great plot, great comedy and GREAT ZOIDBERG!


Popetastic gave 5 points

#162 by Russell
Excellcent episode all-round.
Also contains my favorite line in all of Futurama;

"What smells like blue?" - Fry

Russell gave 5 points

#163 by Reinier
Best episode ever!

The story is amazing, and the entire crew is in great shape. One of the best Zoidberg performances ("Zoidberg picks up another piece. The crowd goes wild!" and MANY other great lines). Gotta love it.

Reinier gave 5 points

#164 by Benderfan12
"Turn that damn T.V. off, now."
"But mom, it's almost over."
"I said, turn this crap off right now before I whip out the uzi!"
"All right, all right, mom. It just ended anyway! Hey mom, can I go onto now and right a review of it, please?"
"Fine, but make it quick. If your not done in five minutes out comes mommy's gun!"

As you can see my time here is limited so I'll make this as brief as I can (which, if you've read any of my other reviews, is not very brief.)

Roswell that Ends Well. The episode that gave Futurama the highest honor a television program can recieve. An Emmy. For Outstanding Animated Program of less than an hour. And outstanding is hardly the word to describe it. It is just too great for me to even think of words to descibe it. I'll put it like so... One of the very best if not the best episode of Futurama, ever.
The jokes are halarious and witty and the farce played on the whole Roswell situation is remakably insightive. Harry S. Truman is played to be an idiot and the military is all but intelligent. But of all the jokes, and they come fast and furiously, the greatest thing about this episode is... ZOIDBERG, baby.
He plays a hugely important role in the halarity of this episode and the scenes where the army is disecting him to see what his body contians, is one of Zoidie's best moments.
Person from Army: (Pulls out Zoidbergs heart)Heart
Zoidberg:Who cares, I have four of those.
Person from Army: (Pulls out a Deviled Egg fom inside Zoidberg) A Deviled Egg
Zoidberg: (Eats the egg) MMM.
Person from Army: The same Deviled Egg.
Also, Fry being his own grandfather is just flat out side-splitting.
The visual effects are, also, better than ever (did you see how they made those Army planes fly and that awesome atomic explosion.)
All in all, great epis...
Ow, damn, Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Mom why the hell did you just shoot me in the side, I'm fricking bleeding like crazy here. Feeling a little woozy, loosing too much blood...
I hope you die, too, Jason. You were on for more than five minutes.

Benderfan12 gave 5 points

#165 by d
best episode ive seen yet

"we tore spacetime a new wormhole"

d gave 5 points

#166 by Tin-Teen
One of the best episodes ever !!!

Tin-Teen gave 5 points

#167 by BenderRodriguez
Well the only thing I can say about this episode is go fry you got laid, wait it was your grandma never mind that isn't something to be proud of. Well at least you know your grandpa personally, because it's you!!!

BenderRodriguez gave 5 points

#168 by abcdefg
I albsolutely loved this episode it is my all time favorite i wish they wouldn't have ended the show, but i loved this episode

abcdefg gave 5 points

#169 by ILOVEbender!!!
I liked this episode! not one of the funniest but ALL of Futurama is HILARIOUS!!! I was watching this one with my friend and we laughed SOOO HARD!!! My favorite joke of the episode was:
'Fry- So Bender, how was it being stuck in this hole for nearly 1,000 years?
Bender- Great, 'till you guys showed up!' You gotta LOVE Bender!!!Also a quick question, If Fry's grandfather was gay, but Fry was his own grandfather...?

ILOVEbender!!! gave 4 points

#170 by John Eskanberg
Absolutely fantastic. "Take that causality!"

John Eskanberg gave 5 points

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