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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 06/24/10
Rank: 120/124
Reviews: 222
Rating: 54%

Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet.

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#161 by SweetZombieJesus
I never thought I would say this about an episode with Zapp... but what the hell were they thinking? That was terrible.

SweetZombieJesus gave 1 point

#162 by Zack
Stronger effort than the first episode, but still not the best the show is capable of. Funniest part is Zapp's anguished moans when Leela catches his lies. lol

Zack gave 4 points

#163 by Cookuru Benderu
One of the few, or maybe the only, really bad episode of futurama. The plot is messy and confusing, and doesn't make much sense. The last part where Leela makes "the Zapper" tell her the truth is just painful to watch.

This will be skipped a lot in the future.

Cookuru Benderu gave 2 points

#164 by Jeff
I only laughed a couple of times "That planet was erased like 18 minutes of incriminating tape" and the logic and reason bit. The whole ep felt like a 13 year old wrote a terrible fan fic of futurama that somehow became an episode. Zap and Leela at the end WHY!? I'm just going to pretend this episode was a giant dream of zaps, it was easily the worst episode of futurama for me.

Jeff gave 2 points

#165 by Jarvio
I still enjoyed this ep despite it's critical reception, and despite the fact that I've only given it a 2. It wasn't the strongest ep, but it did have it's moments. Like many, I felt the first half was superior to the second half. Amy's orgy line was very funny, something that wouldn't have been possible on FOX due to adult content. So an ok episode, not the best, but not the worst.

Jarvio gave 2 points

#166 by Bigsi
Why did everone seem to hate this, i though it was hilarious, particuly the idea of zapp tricking leela for a second time and almost getting away with it. And I hate to sound like a perv but yay a nude episode

Bigsi gave 4 points

#167 by LuckOfTheFryrish
Wow, I'm still glad to see Futurama back on the air but this episode was a little upsetting. The show seems to be getting way more raunchy than it ever has been. I don't really like it, not to say I disapprove of sexually explicit jokes but it feels so out of place in this series. I hope this was the low point in the season and it's all uphill from here. Keep em coming CC.

LuckOfTheFryrish gave 3 points

#168 by Rachel D.
This episode was really pointless and random. I don't think Leela would "do it" with Zapp, even if the earth was going to be destroyed. That could have been the plot of the whole episode, actually, but it was just thrown in there at the end. This one reminds me of a bad Simpsons episode.

Rachel D. gave 2 points

#169 by phillipJcye
Not the best episode of Futurama but by no means the worst. A Zapp story was a long time coming so was nice to see it after wishing one for many years. People complain about the sexuall content being a bit like Family Guy. I don't think it's any worse than the Beast with a Billion Backs. There's some great lines in this one. An enjoyable 22 minutes. Just not the best 22 minutes spent watching Futurama!

phillipJcye gave 3 points

#170 by Anvil
A poor follow up to the the previous episode. Brannigans character seemed off. The plot was very weak at points. There were still some funny points, especially with Fry.

Anvil gave 3 points

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