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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Attack of the Killer App
First aired 07/01/10
Rank: 117/124
Reviews: 223
Rating: 59%

Fry posts an embarrassing video of Leela online.

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#161 by patar
64%?? That is definitely the wrong rating for this episode. It was as around as good as classic Futurama, and much better than average for Season 6. I'm still aching for deliveries :(, but the highlight of the season so far. 80% at leasssst.

patar gave 5 points

#162 by Jimmzy
Excellent episode.

Jimmzy gave 5 points

#163 by Katie
I was really unimpressed with this video. It wasn't funny and it moved the characters in directions I wish they hadn't.

Katie gave 2 points

#164 by Nick
This was a great episode, i 4 it. Low user rating due to a few apple fan schmucks?

Nick gave 4 points

#165 by IamMe
This one definetely deserves a lot more than 65%.

IamMe gave 4 points

#166 by Nutmeg
I'll never understand all the hate at this episode. It's not perfect, by no means, and the pop-culture references might be a little different, but otherwise it's a strong episode, some good gags, and strong plotline that's in-keeping with the characters.

It's not without its weak points, some of the jokes are a bit too obvious, and the boil thing - though funny - is something we could have done without, but overall still a solid episode, and definitely not at the bottom of the pile.

Nutmeg gave 4 points

#167 by SoulDriven
While it did have some good moments, some of the jokes here have to be about the worse Futurama has ever done. (The knife joke from Bender's Game takes the cake) Susan Boil is literally cringe-worthy and worse yet, breaks some continuity with Leela. At the very least, the episode moves along but it's still one of the weakest episodes of season 6 and Futurama overall.

SoulDriven gave 2 points

#168 by jasonb
what got people angry? I dont get it. The mobile phone? A boil? vomiting goat? howzit different from aliens, spaceships, time machines, vomiting whale and a talking tattoo (Amy's)? i personally like it. and the great thing about opinions is, I dont have to give a damn about what you think (vice versa)

jasonb gave 5 points

#169 by Malte
What a awesome episode, with a nice side blow to all the fanatic apple guys. Brilliant.

Malte gave 5 points

#170 by Bender's Great
This is without a doubt the worst episode of Futurama their is by a long shot. Any long time Futurama fan can see through the poor story arc, the poorly written characters, and the disgrace it does to show's overall characters.

Instead of witty/clever jokes, we get crap like the vomiting goat.
Instead of a joke about a character's flaw, we get this garbage about a boil named Susan, which not only degrades the character its on, but also manages to be unlike anything the series has seen before. I'm not against trying new things out, but usually said new things should try to at least appeal to its user's interests. Instead, the jokes run on the line of Family Guy, which is the antithesis of what Futurama is. Futurama was everything Family Guy was not when they both aired initially; it was smart, not a gag fest with no sense. Instead, this episode is the epitome of rushed out garbage.

All in all, by far the worst of the entire series, you'd do yourself a favor by avoiding it, or gouging out your eye balls after seeing it.

Bender's Great gave 1 point

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