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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Attack of the Killer App
First aired 07/01/10
Rank: 117/124
Reviews: 223
Rating: 59%

Fry posts an embarrassing video of Leela online.

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#171 by PAF
I liked the episode but I only gave it a 3 for a few reasons. First the whole Mom plot with making people zombies, yes seem like an interesting plot, and I antcipated it being made into the main plot with the planet express gang out to stop her from succeeding. Instead what I got was a story about a boil and Frye embarrasing Leela while the whole Mom taking over people's minds took a back seat till the end and was anti-climatic. Then I agree with those who wonder about Frye and Leela's relationship, one minute they are in love, next its like their just good friends again. Its like the show can't make up its mind what to do with this relatonship. Yes the episode had some great moments, but it had potential to be better.

PAF gave 3 points

#172 by Santiago_76
I like the idea about the "Dumb Bastards" ending... why not.

But as alot of people have already mentioned... it seemed very south park'ish. i only say this due to the Indian music playing while going to a third world country and the accent of the aliens there. Ok i laughed, but the whips kinda pushed it into south park territory. Otherwise, I dislike Susan Boil, ianything... but it did have its futurama moments.

Santiago_76 gave 3 points

#173 by Fungo
This episode doesn't feel like Futurama to me. Going into outdated jokes, poop humor, and a singing boil, and basing an entire show around the YouTube popularity crazy doesn't cut it for me. I've watched since the first episode and I feel that the show has progressively gotten better and better until its cancellation. Now with the rebirth of the series, seems to be lacking the original flavor. This may be an original staff writer, but that doesn't mean it's good. I do have to say this is the worst episode of the season.

Fungo gave 1 point

#174 by valkyrie
I really didn't like the boil joke, this is not family guy and I don't want to see that tasteless bs humor here. It forever altered my view of leela, this is one episode I'll never watch again!!! And it really could have been a great episode if only fry would have posted leela nude or doing something stupid or ANYTHING else but that retarded freak boil crap!

valkyrie gave 1 point

#175 by Kregg
It had some laughs, but an episode centering around people's addiction to iPhones, plus that horrible boil-thing? Come on Futurama, you can do way better. The writers, and worse, whoever originally thought of and greenlit this idea should be ashamed. I love the new season, but this one is bottom of the barrel.

Kregg gave 2 points

#176 by arce
One of the worst episodes ever. All the Susan thing was a very bad joke. There was no plot at all, it was just a bad critic against consumption in this era. I only enjoyed the goat.

arce gave 1 point

#177 by Futurama Fan
One of the best Futurama episodes!

Futurama Fan gave 5 points

#178 by attentaeter85
The first half of this episode started out ok. Then it all went downhill at the goat. I can accept the ipod jokes, but trying to get laughs for half an episode from a disgusting puking goat and then even worse the retarded boil on leela made it even worse. On top of those two things which arguably ruined the episode the jokes were much like the previous two, forced and uncreative. then at the end the episode just abruptly ends with the human race being zombies.

attentaeter85 gave 3 points

#179 by Nimble Corn
In the letters of a generation younger than mine...WTF!!?
I commented on the previous episode under the name KaSagan and I gave it 1 for the uncharacteristic portrayel of Leela and Zapp. This time the characters were a little more themselves, but I found the goat a little unsettling and not of Futurama ilk. In itself not worth a 1, but then along came that Boyle.
Look, I enjoy South Park, Family Guy and the like, but this Boyle did not belong in Futurama. It was a dirty cheap nasty joke. As another person commented, it was needless degradation of the character. If they gave the Simpsons similar poor treatment I doubt it would have made it this far - and loyal fans would have been outraged. Why must they massacre such an awesome show as Futurama?
This is the second of the new episodes I've seen (missed rebirth) and all I can say is that I'm glad Australia hasn't released the DVDs yet. I would have wasted good money purchasing it on day one without knowing just how Groening has massacred this awesome show.

Nimble Corn gave 1 point

#180 by Best new episode yet
Only 62%? I loved this episode! I've been watching the DVD straight though, and this is the first one that made me laugh out loud several times. What really does it for me are the commentaries on the whole "texting" generation. And there were just enough B-storyline elements to keep everything interesting.

Best new episode yet gave 5 points

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