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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Proposition Infinity
First aired 07/08/10
Rank: 110/124
Reviews: 181
Rating: 68%

Bender leads a campaign to legalize robosexual marriage between humans and robots.

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#171 by Lamusiqe13
I've already written a review, but I just wanted to get some free advertising. For all of you who are mad that Amy and Kif broke up, I've written a fan fiction episode tenativley called Kif Gets Kicked Up Another Notch. That'll satisfy you.

Lamusiqe13 gave 1 point

#172 by Readable
Better than the 69% it has now

Readable gave 5 points

#173 by Wailin' Fungus
Finally we are picking up the pace. Back to abundant side jokes that carry the main story forwards. It is still a bit mushy in places, but there are rarely episodes that aren't.

Good to see a lot of the old faces again, and most of all Hermes' condition is great. The first of the new episodes that made me laugh out loud, while the others just provoked some smiles.

Last but not least, we get Failing Fungus back.


Wailin' Fungus gave 4 points

#174 by DTP
Note to tv writers. If you want your episode to make a social statement of some sort, you must work VERY hard to make the message subtle. Otherwise you come off as a preachy, annoying mess of a television program. This episode could have been written for any show really. The 'robosexual' part was an attempt to make in 'futuristic', but it still came off as generic modern garbage. Less preachy crap, more Futurama!

DTP gave 1 point

#175 by dangermouse
The preacherbot is my favourite character, so I was always going to like this episode.

dangermouse gave 5 points

#176 by BringerOfPie
Down there with "A Leela of Her Own" as my least favorite episode of the series. A terrible satire on a subject that's been done way better by everyone else in the decade before it. For a show that prides itself on being clever, this blatant, in-your-face social message of strawman characters and a silly story feels like something ripped out of Family Guy. And I AGREE with the episode's message, for crying out loud. Futurama rarely got political pre-cancellation, and its attempts since have been pretty mediocre, but none more so than this.

BringerOfPie gave 1 point

#177 by CoolZ
This is one of the smartest, funniest episodes ever.

CoolZ gave 5 points

#178 by Zoo Station
There were some good jokes in this episode but the main story seemed too preachy and contradicted many of the events in "I Dated a Robot". The first half was decent but the second half was too topical and heavy-handed. Futurama is best when it's being subtle.

Zoo Station gave 3 points

#179 by Bob
Plot is somewhat forced, but its overall a pretty good watch, and probably the first of season 6 to really feel like Futurama.

Bob gave 5 points

#180 by GammonMan
A thousand years in the future, and great television shows are still being ruined by becoming vehicles for ham fisted propaganda.

GammonMan gave 1 point

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