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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Why Of Fry
First aired 04/06/03
Rank: 10/124
Reviews: 353
Rating: 91%

Once again the Nibblonians need Fry's help to save the universe.

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#181 by s_ula
leave whether it makes sense or not, how many times has that actually mattered in the great goof episodes - of which there are too many to mention! One For The Fans, a bit of confirmation and maybe the Fry - Leela kiss is a 'thank you'... if ur a casual viewer then you can be forgiven for finding it boring/nonsensical but i think most fans would immediately show this episode a little dignity and understand that it's not laughs (tho the fry hologram mission plan thing did make me laugh out loud)... the reason i feel like thrilled and disappointed reminds me of seeing final episode of twin peaks.... where there was also some uncertainty as to whether it'd be the last show... y'know, its great they thought this all out, but so sad that there ain't hundreds of other eps waiting in line. if there was like a bar where only futurama nerds went, some days would be quiet and restrained but after this ep, ppl will be talking for aaaages.
bender was a bit weak. there you go, that's my obligatory minor gripe.

s_ula gave 5 points

#182 by JFrankA
Not only was this a great episode, but it ties in with the premiere! When I saw the first episode on my DVD's, there a quick scene of a shawdow of a nibbler near Fry's chair. Did the writers plan this from the beginning??!!!!

JFrankA gave 5 points

#183 by futurama_is_da_best
it was good epo i,ve just saw it on sky 1 and thought it was gd how nibbler done that thing to fry to make him go to the future i hated the bit where fry thought i wanted to stay in the year 2000 wen he is beter of with leller in the year 3000 the kiss was great i wish fry could of escaped and not hafe to change the past for a worse reason i wish fry and lella went out wit each other that would be great

futurama_is_da_best gave 5 points

#184 by James
Season 4 of Futurama continues to raise the bar higher and higher.
Whilst The Simpsons happily sits in its rut of gag after gag and "lets have Homer meet a celebrity!" trend, Futurama boldly goes where no other sitcom will (or can) go!
The Why of Fry proves once and for all that Futurama has a far grander ambition than simply making you laugh at a couple of clever sight gags and movie parodies (The Simpsons manages that all by itself). This episode comes as close to pure genius as any TV show has or ever will! David X Cohen's passion for the show, and vast general knowledge (clearly evident on the DVD comentaries) have allowed him to write a perfect episode of the most wildly original, mind-blowingly clever (yet most neglected, DAMM YOU FOX!)programme of the 20th/21st Century!

The only plot hole I have noticed is the issue of Nibblers age. In this episode he claims to be 1000+ years old. But in the first episode of season 2 (I Second That Emotion), the rings in Nibblers teeth apparently show he is only 5! Maybe the vet was wrong and the rings have nothing to do with his age, or maybe the writers simply forgot about this throw away gag!
Anyway who cares, The Why of Fry is brilliant! *****, 10/10, 100%...

James gave 5 points

#185 by FutureFan
I wholeheartedly agree with you James.
Long live Futurama!!!

FutureFan gave 5 points

#186 by Max Bellamy
A wonderful episode. The plot is the best one Futurama will ever have. The ending was sweet and left me more than satisfied I was hoping this would be the final episode because this episode ended on a strong note. But scince there are 6 more to go, I can't wait for the final one.

PS. Make a movie out of this show!

Max Bellamy gave 5 points

#187 by Leigh J Webb
I read through every reveiw to see if someone mentions the nibbler age thing, and there it was third LAST. but nibbler does have the ability to alter minds so maybe Fry was seeing hundereds apon hundreds of rings until nibbler altered the minds of every one. a) making that joke funnier b) adding another layer to the wonderful story.

as for this episode good humour great plot

Leigh J Webb gave 5 points

#188 by Helper
It felt kind of sad somehow. I was thinking it was going to be be a 2 parter with all that story packed in. Even Benders orphans made it in there (one of my fav eps.) How could fry think of wanting to stay in this lousy time what about Bender!!! Nibbler did cheer up fry, but he still was more concerend for the universe, so why be Leelas pet? What's the story with her, hmm?!
BTW isnt nibbler immortal??

Helper gave 4 points

#189 by CDA
Have only seen it once, but WoF seemingly didn't account for the Nibblonian in the trash can (lookout for Nibbler?) nor my pet point of curiosity -- how his dog got encased in dolomite in 20xx. (I've a sneaking suspicion that the dog and girlfriend were preserved in their respective ways in order to make the future better for Fry.)

CDA gave 5 points

#190 by Cire Dude
Excellent, excellent episode. It really reveals a lot of important things. I also liked that Fry and Leela finally kissed!

Cire Dude gave 5 points

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