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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 06/24/10
Rank: 120/124
Reviews: 222
Rating: 54%

Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet.

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#181 by Santiago_76
Zap planning such an intricate plot to get Leela to sleep with him... then getting caught out on every part but still trying to get away with... Classic, but the best had to be the transcredible exploits of Zapp Brannigan... as soon as I saw exploits... i knew this would be a rehash of Loves Labours epi.

Well done for a writer I've never heard off. Kudos if that was your first... so max points (i'd be harsher 2nd time round).

Santiago_76 gave 5 points

#182 by James
After seeing the whole season this is hands down the worst episode. The Zapper did not shine through in this episode besides the "rear tail gunner" gag. Almost as bad as the cat episode. 1/5

James gave 1 point

#183 by Fungo
Not as amazing as the "rebirth" episode, but it does have its moments. The overly sexual themes and lack of sublety really breaks the theme of Futurama. I admit I was intrigued for a good portion of this, but the ending became much too distasteful and rushed. Writers need to work on Fry and Leela's relationship, because after this episode, the writers try to pretend the relationship isn't there, but still bring it back later. Could have used a bit more polish on the script and it would have gotten three stars, but the concept alone doesn't fit the theme of Futurama and no one wants to visualize another entanglement with Zap and Leela, while Fry is supposedly still dating her.

Fungo gave 2 points

#184 by Nim
I felt betrayed and so should Fry. The times I have to avert my eyes in disgust are rare indeed but this was one such occasion.

Nim gave 1 point

#185 by Kregg
I didn't care for this episode at first, but I watched it many times so it gets a good grade for it's replay value and originality.

Kregg gave 4 points

#186 by BearDown
This was a horrible episode and I never want to see it again. Family Guy humor, which I hate, is in this episode. This was terrible for the Fry and Leela relationship get up too. The plot was not well written and seemed rushed. Also, there is no sub plot to this episode. It's just Zap and Leela the whole thing through basically. The character's personality's have been awful this season and definently Leela's has been the worst. What happened to the take no crap beat em up mean old Leela????? She was funny and cool. For now, I will only watch the old season episodes when i watch Futurama while i try to cover my eyes from this new pitiful garbage that toke no time and quality to come up with. Who knows, maybe it would of been better if the show would of stayed canceled because this is clearly worse then it being canceled.

BearDown gave 1 point

#187 by Blake
It was a great episode

Blake gave 5 points

#188 by KaSagan
This was the first of season 5 I have seen - having missed Rebirth and Australia has not released these on dvd yet...

I simply wish I could unsee it. I have watched Season 1-4 (and the movies) until my DVDs have worn out and no episode is as rubbish as this piece of manure. I wstched this twice just to be fair and it just makes me angry that Groening and Cohen would allow this to be made. That wasn't Leela and Zapp! They were written completely out of character - She wouldn't have gone along with his advances and he would have shown more bravado and tried to talk his way out when he was busted. He wasn't this snivelling when he got kicked out of DOOP or even when he was trying to get some action in the first series. It was like watching the Mummy 3 all over again. Hasn't this writer ever seen an episode??

If this is what I can expect from the new episodes. Then maybe fox was right to can it when they did. Former number 1 fan.

KaSagan gave 1 point

#189 by futurama rocks
it was awful i dont like zap he was terrible in this episode leela didnt do good in this episode either

futurama rocks gave 1 point

#190 by daydreaming
Haven't read all comments, but it seems a lot of people missing the point. It's perfectly obvious zap is dreaming during the whole episode which is indicated by the last black and white scene. So actually there is no confusion about inconsistency because it's all his imagination.

Of course this episode is not as good as amazon women in the mood but every episode with zap is a win ;)

daydreaming gave 4 points

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