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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Head in the Polls
First aired 12/12/99
Rank: 51/124
Reviews: 140
Rating: 84%

Bender sells his body to a pawn shop when the value of titanium soars. While Bender's head hangs out with Claudia Schiffer's at the "Hall of Heads", Richard Nixon's head joins the race for President of the World using Bender's body.

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#11 by floz23
as a lyndon larouche campaign supporter i found much amusement in this episode,

the best part was the last scene where nixon is knocking down the white house saying, "knock knock" ;)


floz23 gave 5 points

#12 by Will
Tied as my favorite episode. I love it when Simpsons makes fun of Nixon, but Futurama did the best job ever here! Morbo was hilarious in this episode too, we don't see enough of him!

5+++ from me!

Will gave 5 points

#13 by fry
this episode is hilarious,but fry stoled the show.

fry gave 4 points

#14 by Dimitri9mm
I just love the political satire in this episode. We've seen it before in The Simpsons (like "Citizen Kang"). Groening really has something to tell us about the weaknesses of the American "democracy". A very entertaining AND important episode.

"What do we care. We live in the U.S.??"
"The United States is part of the world!"
"Wow! I HAVE been gone a long time!"


Dimitri9mm gave 5 points

#15 by Travis
My God. What an awesome episode. This puts 90% of the rest of Futurama to shame. The political humor, the biting nixon and 60s jokes, the bodyless bender jokes, the cool plot, it goes on. I wish I could choose 11 as the rating.

Travis gave 5 points

#16 by Welsh
"you women's libers really know how to party..zzzz"

Welsh gave 5 points

#17 by TNUK
Second Best Episode Ever.

TNUK gave 5 points

#18 by Chris Edwards
How did people rate this a 1 and 2? This has got to be one of the best futurama episodes that's been aired thus far.

"I hear that. I spent most of my teen years loving my body... course' it was tough love, but."

I love all of the Nixon eps, he's adds a lot of humour.

After seeing this ep for like the 5th time, and loving it, I came here to see what other people thought of it. I was suprised to see an average 80% rating... There are only 2 polls that are bringing it down; a 1, and a 2... uhggg, oh well, I guess people are entitled to their opinions; even if their opinions are wrong :)

Chris Edwards gave 5 points

#19 by Kelly
if ur not american the second half gets preety damn boring and the ending is a bit lame

Kelly gave 1 point

#20 by KRC 99014533
'You are entering an area adjaecent to a location, the kind of place that might contain a monster or some kind of weird mirror. These are just examples, it's usually something much better. You are now entering... THE SCARY DOOR!'

Not many things completely immobilise me with a total nerve lock of hysterical diaphramical convulsions, coupled with a critical weakness of control in certain parts of my anatomy.
But i'm proud to say that that was one of them. It gets a three just for that. The other point came from Benders flawless lifestyle.

KRC 99014533 gave 4 points

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