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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Where the Buggalo Roam
First aired 03/03/02
Rank: 102/124
Reviews: 158
Rating: 71%

Amy brings her most recent boyfriend, Kif, home to meet the family. When an entire herd of the Wongs' buggalo suddenly disappear, Kif offers to go after the rustlers.

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#11 by tome
I dunno, I liked the episode but the newer episodes don't have good plot introductions anymore. It just feels odd to start the episode with the crew knocking on the Wong family door. I laughed but i don't find the plotlines of season 4 to be that impressive. Just look at the older episodes and you'll see what i'm talking about, you won't know what the episode is about until you're halfway in, that's a good plotline (i.e. Problem with Popplers and Luck of the Fryish) I'm waiting for the 4th season to get better(except for Roswell)

tome gave 4 points

#12 by The Baz
On the slow side and not many jokes that scored. But I do like Amy's parents. So it was a nice average episode.

The Baz gave 3 points

#13 by Phineas
I think its important for a series to focus on secondary characters once in awhile. Yeah, its funny when Bender gets drunk and breaks the law, or other such predictable behavior; but developing Kif and Amy was a nice change of pace.

Phineas gave 4 points

#14 by mtvcdm
I know they didn't mean it, but the "Amy Wong Kidnapped" photo looked one heck of a lot like the Daniel Pearl photo. Not the best timing.

But other than that, it was pretty good. Kinda slow in the first segment, but picked up afterwards. 3 things helped score the 4, all from Bender:
1. Fry with the "Hook on the hand! Man in the attic!" Bender: "Robot gets bored and kills Fry with a hammer!
2. Bender singing. "We got a right to pick a little fight with rustlerrrs..."
3. "Unless your family has thousands of helicopters at your disposal..." "Well, actually--" Bender: "ToolatethisismorefunBOOM!"

mtvcdm gave 4 points

#15 by evan
There's something about Mars that isn't inherently funny. I know that's a blanket statement, but the two episodes that have taken place there (this and Mars University) are, at least in my opinion, two of the weaker of the series. They both had their moments, obviously, but it took me a while to figure out why I didn't care much for them. The reason-it was a very standard plot for this episode. The "wimpy boyfriend tries to impress girlfriend's parents by being something he's not" story is almost a staple of most sit-coms. IMHO, Futurama is best when it strays far away from what normal shows do. After all, the setting has limitless potential. There should be more than the standard jokes. It is nice to see a more Kipf/Amy centric episode, though.

evan gave 3 points

#16 by Dane
I laughed at a few parts, including the aliens beings parodies of Native Americans (not a racist, just found it funny!!). But here's my qualm with the episode: it's tough to base an episode around the secondary characters and expect it to be dynamite. Kif is good in moderation, not as a hero. And Amy? Well, I'm not an Amy fan. It's too trendy to be an Amy fan... and I just don't see what's so great about her.

Dane gave 3 points

#17 by Brian
Overall, I got a little tired of the "Kif is timid" jokes, and I never got the jokes about Fry's sight problems. There were some fantastic parts too: Bender's dynamite, Zoidberg, and the part at the end where the Martians take off with the diamond. I nearly fell of the couch laughing when the Wong's decided to bring in Zapp.

I generally like having episodes to flesh out supporting characters like Hermes, Amy and Kif, but I would have liked Fry and Leela to do more than wander around.

Brian gave 4 points

#18 by Code_Green
I personally think that this is the best episode that has been aired all season. I like it how they did an episode about Amy and Kif as a couple for once. Usually if Amy or Kif make an appearance, Kif will usually be doing something with Zapp Brannigan, and Amy will be doing som,ething with Fry, Bender or Leela. Some pros to this episode were things like, Zapp Brannigan wasn't fixated on getting Leela for once, and like I said before I like how they are starting to show more of Amy and Kif as a couple. One con to the episode I would have to say was Zoidberg. I usually find him really funny, but in this episode he wasn't. It was funny at first like when they were at the Wongs and he came down the stairs in one of thier robes with that bubble bath stuff, but they had too many of those kinds of jokes making Zoidberg seem kind of unfunny. One part I liked was when Mrs. Wong beat him on the head with a deer head. I give this episode a rating of 5.

Code_Green gave 5 points

#19 by brannigan man
i thought this was a very good episode. i thought focusing on amy was good for a change
i loved "damn you old man!"
and the short hermes joke

brannigan man gave 4 points

#20 by Andy
Great episode

Andy gave 5 points

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