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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Pharaoh To Remember
First aired 03/10/02
Rank: 115/124
Reviews: 394
Rating: 65%

After delivering an enormous sandstone to Osiris 4, Fry, Leela and Bender are forced to work as slaves assisting the construction of the great Pharaoh Hamenthotep's tomb -- a pyramid.

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#11 by Scott O
Yuck... I didn't like it. Bender was WAY too annoying. Only a couple of funny parts. And whoever that person was who said last weeks episode sucked is crazy! 'Where the Buggalo Roam' was one of the best yet!

Scott O gave 3 points

#12 by Kodos
Just so-so, although it pains me to say it. But *any* episode of Futurama is better than anything else on television. I'm always thankful for a new episode. And hey, it could have been worse.

It could have been "Friends."

One thing I noticed: When Bender is trying to get a rollerblading/dancing move named after himself ("Hey! Do the Bender! This move is called the Bender!"), and he's pushed away, doesn't it seem like a joke is cut out there? He's pushed away, he *allllmost* falls into the street, then he rights himself. Off in the distance, if you listen closely right before the scene change, you can hear the approach of one of the spaceship/cars.

I wonder if there was a joke about him getting hit by a car that was cut out? The scene seems to end so abruptly, and with no punchline. I mean, why bother showing Bender getting pushed away and almost falling in the street if nothing happens; not even a comment from Bender afterwards? They could have just shown him walking away, depressed after getting sent away by the rollerbladers and had the same effect.

Kodos gave 3 points

#13 by Jason M. Peavey
One of the better episodes this season in my opinion. Not the best, but definately in the top 5 :) I laughed so hard Mountain Dew almost came out my nose when I saw Bender's statue... "REMEMBER ME!!! REMEMBER ME!!!"

Jason M. Peavey gave 4 points

#14 by Aaron
An okay episode, some of the jokes were pretty good "We're Dumb!" Still, I think it's obvious by now that Bender can't carry an episode. There are great Bender subplots, such as in "Put Your Head on My Shoulder," but the great majority of Bender episodes are kind of bad. This season seems to be going consistently downhill, the first two eps were classic, the third great, and the rest have been medicore.

Aaron gave 3 points

#15 by rustan
i thought it was quite funny

rustan gave 3 points

#16 by Code_Green
I didn't think this was one of Futurama's best. I thought it started off great, but when Fry, Leela and Bender became slaves on Osiris 4 it kind of went down hill from there. Something I didn't get is why Leela didn't try to think of a way for them to escape. Right in the beginning when that guy that signed for the giant sandstone block said that they were all slaves she should've kicked his ass and that would've been the end of it. Instead she just excepted it and went along with it not even attempting to escape... until she Fry, and Bender were trapped in the pharoah's tomb. I give this a C- or a rating of 2 to put it simply.

Code_Green gave 2 points

#17 by Avder
Probably the least entertaining overall of all the episodes ive seen, tho still much more entertaining than any other show out there..some great one liners throughout the episode, but overall it was kinda lax for a futurama episode.

Avder gave 2 points

#18 by Christopher
It was not one of teh best, it seemed kinda rushed but nevertheless good :D

Christopher gave 4 points

#19 by Kelly
I don't know. The first half of the episode, especially Bender's surprise funeral, had me laughing- even though I was trying not to 'cause I have bronchitis :p
But after a while the humor dwindled and it wasn't nearly as funny. I liked the appearance of the Australian guy, and the 'Egyptian' priests were cleverly portrayed.
Not the best episode, but not bad either.

Kelly gave 3 points

#20 by Russell
I think we see Bender at his best. Self love over all.
On the other hand I think we all have a need to be remembred after were gone. Or, is it more a fear that we will be forgoten. Ether way. Bender show us all that enslaving a world and becoming hated is one way to make your mark in history.

Russell gave 4 points

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