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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV
First aired 08/03/03
Rank: 72/124
Reviews: 292
Rating: 80%

Bender manages to get a role on the 30th century hit soap 'All My Circuits' featuring non-oscar winning superstar Calculon.

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#11 by Wes McGee
This episode was given added relevancy with how the Fox network treated this show, this is one of the best satires of the broadcast biz I've ever see. I think even Fox could see when Futurama was knifing them in the back.

Wes McGee gave 5 points

#12 by jeff
episodes revovling around bender never fail to be funny- he was at his best.

jeff gave 5 points

#13 by Justin Hemenway
Not quite as good as this season's best bender ep., "Obsoletely Fabulous", but still really funny. I LOVED the network execubots...reminds me of another network...Cubert and Dwight weren't too bad, but since when do they hang out with tinny tim? Bender had some really great scenes (his spanish accent, his final speech, and all his All My Circuits scenes) and I laughed pretty hard at Zoidberg giving out his "business card". I can't believe Fox would want this to be the last episode though...this doesn't conclude anything!

Justin Hemenway gave 4 points

#14 by John
This season started out to be the best yet. However, the last three episodes have just been aweful. Okay, there were two or three good jokes in this episode; but it lacked the subtle humor that makes bender based episodes great (hell, he's 40% dolemite for goodness sakes). I say, stick with the breakthrough writing of "jurrasic bark" and "the sting".

John gave 2 points

#15 by WaffleKing
Well it was a lot better than last weeks for sure. This is a good example of where a lot of Bender is good. Zoidberg was funny with that business card.

The "All my circuits" thing from the beginning, with the amnesia and zoom-ins was hilarious! Overall I felt really good about this episode. Its back where Futurama should be.

Only one left guys....

WaffleKing gave 4 points

#16 by Jeremy Fein
The Best line reads this season,

Question though, if Bender and Calacon Met during the Episode that's Loberstaintment how come they don't remember each other?

I guess when the Season 5 DVD comes out the Audio Commentary will explain.

A lot of people are saying that Bender is too much of a Good thing and that's why the Show's being pulled.

Well Bender is the Best Character, and who doesn't want more of that loveable Scamp?

Fry acts too much like Bart and Homer, Leela Just gets under your Skin, Amy is wrong for the Show. The Professor acts like Grampa Simpson.....Well you get the idea.

If there is a spin off show it should be All Bender all the time.

Jeremy Fein gave 5 points

#17 by mikep
A good episode, with some great parts. I think all the references to network TV execs were perfect considering this was the second to last episode. I hope that was all intentional. Those idiots running Fox, refusing to give this show a good time slot, not to mention no promotion deserve to be the butt of all jokes. Also the first where boxy robot was in bed with the calculons women was great!

mikep gave 5 points

#18 by allen
:/ it kinda disapointed me. the second half sorta saved the episode a little bit, but overall, nope.. good thing this didn't turn out to be the last episode like fox wanted.. a good ending could have been fry changing the channel to fox, then saying "nope, nothing good on" and then turning tv off. comedy!!

allen gave 3 points

#19 by TriforceBun
Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad!
This was a good episode with lots of laughs, some decent satire, and good pacing. Unlike last week's episode, we didn't just get a lot of Bender, but a lot of the entire PE Crew. The only thing that I really didn't like was the vomiting, which was kinda gross and unneeded.

Some funny parts off the top of my head: The remixed opening with Farnsworth, Bender and Zoidberg..."Hey Bender." (four times)...everything involving the Hypno-Toad...the Cool-o-Meter segment (Zoidberg's cool level, the "OH YEAAAAH" and the 30 Mega-Fonz line)...the Fathers Against R (I forget) Television...the line "Bender should not be allowed on television!" Bender's final speech...the clip of Calculon after Bender's final speech...Fry's comment about the Hypno-Toad show declining after Season 3...and of course, "More reality shows!"

There were a couple dry spells here and there, but this is the best episode of Futurama in the past few weeks.

My actual rating for this is 4.5, but I'm rounding up to 5 since this episode deserves much more than 77% average (what it's currently on).

TriforceBun gave 5 points

#20 by John C.
A solid ep. It was good to see some of the lesser-known characters like Dwight and the hypnotoad, as well as some of the orphans so close to the show's end. The funniest part for me was when the cool meter came to Zoidberg. I think I know why FOX wanted this to be the last episode...

John C. gave 4 points

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