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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Three Hundred Big Boys
First aired 06/15/03
Rank: 58/124
Reviews: 515
Rating: 83%

After the latest victory, President Nixon distributes the silken spoils of war as a $300 tax rebate.

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#11 by PsychoMaverick
Eh. I really did not like this episode. It had so many seperate subplots, there was no "main story" to drive the episode. It felt like I was watching a collection of random jokes than a complete episode.

Bender's story was amusing.
Fry's story had a big payoff, and I loved the way he reached a higher state of conciousness.
Leela's story was saved by the whale-hating marine biologist.
Hermes and Dwight's involvement in the episode wasn't really funny at all.
Prof. Farnsworth's story made no sense. First of all, we've seen Farnsworth grow young previously. Secondly, he HATED being young. I don't see why he'd go out and spend 300 bucks all over again.
Zoidberg's story was touching, but there was nothing good in it involving humor.
Kif and Amy's subplot was plain boring.

And what was with all the talking inanimate object jokes? The tatoos, the bills. I felt like I was watching a Harry Potter cartoon.

This episode has to be the worst one I've seen. There was OOCness, and the jokes were mostly lame. It felt like this episode was pieced together using "spare ideas" that the writers had. The jokes fell flat, and there was no story to back it up. At least with previously unfunny episodes (A Pharaoh to Remember, the only other Futurama episode I dislike), you had some focus on Bender's insecurities to drive the story along.

I'm going to have to give this one a "Horrible".

The whale-hating marine biologist was genius, but it wasn't held up by any other good gags, or a good story.

PsychoMaverick gave 1 point

#12 by Simone
The ending alone made this episode get a five from me. Everyone's else mini-story was good, except Zoidberg's, it wasn't that funny.

Simone gave 5 points

#13 by ZombieZoidburgJesus
Ouch..... Pretty Poor. Not too funny, not too interesting. Seemed like they were trying to get a lot of interesting plots going at once, but if didn't really work for me. Anyway, still better than anything else on tonight.

ZombieZoidburgJesus gave 2 points

#14 by Brian
It had it's moments, but this episode was pretty weak. The Fry and Bender subplots were funny, as well as the short battle scene. Other than that, this was probably the second worst episode of Futurama for me. (with Buggalo being the worst)

Brian gave 2 points

#15 by Hermes
Well, i don't know about y'all, but i liked it a lot.

Hermes gave 5 points

#16 by poptartprince
Great episode! There was alot of funny stuff from alot of support characters, like Morbo threatening to destroy his wife.

poptartprince gave 5 points

#17 by Bendimis Prime
My favorite parts through out this good episode was Leela losing her swimsiut & had to wear the do not feed the whale sign (LOL), Fry's hyper activity including saving the day (again), the talking tatoo, & the humerous bender story line & the ending.

Bendimis Prime gave 5 points

#18 by Farnsie
Quite a humorous episode. I don't understand the reasoning of some posters here, though; one week they're angry that an episode is too serious and not "funny" enough, and when that funny episode does arrive, they aren't happy.

Random scenes that made me laugh, not in any order:

-"The loot, the loot is on fire!"
(I'm a fan of the Bloodhound Gang.)
-Amy's butt tattoos
-Voodoo economists
-"Guadalajara (sp?) Brown Drip"
(Think about it.)

Overall, I enjoyed it. Nice to see Farnsworth get a love interest of his own.

Farnsie gave 5 points

#19 by testsicle

testsicle gave 5 points

#20 by Jeremy Fein
Whale Biologist.........Well we got to see what would happen if Zoidberg were rich......Whale Biologist..........Fry drinking 100 Cups of coffee....Cool.....Whale Biologist.......The problem is they're trying to cram as many characters, and sight gags as they can because the show is being cancelled.....Whale Biologist......We haven't Seen Morbo the News Anchor for some time.....Whale Biologist..........Is it me or do I think that Leela having great legs is wrong? Whale Biologist............Zoidberg finally saves the day........Hoorah.........Whale Biologist..........So now we have American Idol Juniors, A dog beauty pagent, and Stupid Human Behavior? And fox wonders why no one is watching their Network............Whale Biologist......If not for the Simpsons there would be nothing on fox.....Whale Biologist..........Can you imagine if Fox cancelled that? Whale Biologist......They get rid of all the great shows and keep crap........Whale Biologist........When the Simpsons leaves the airwaves so does my fox viewing......Whale biologist.......Not since they took off married with children did fix make a worse misteak.......Oh yeah.......Whale Biologist.

Jeremy Fein gave 5 points

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