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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

All the Presidents' Heads
First aired 07/28/11
Rank: 112/124
Reviews: 167
Rating: 67%

The crew members alter history when they travel back in time to the American Revolution.

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#11 by Inmatoor
The whole time travel thing has been done to death, it's just boring now.

Inmatoor gave 2 points

#12 by egon
very funny

egon gave 5 points

#13 by JoeK86
Great episode, had me laughing the entire time!

JoeK86 gave 5 points

#14 by Hoot Hoot
I don't care if time travel has been done to death by the show.

They do it well.

Good stuff.

Hoot Hoot gave 5 points

#15 by Dr. Zoidberg
After a poor start it got funnier (the future England stuff was really strong despite being mostly stereotypes - it's a shame the entire episode wasn't there) but the episode was horribly paced (the setup was far too long and tedious, the middle was funny but there just wasn't an ending (same as last week)? Surely the end chould have followed the crew back into the past when they corrected things? Would have been nice to spend some time in the different time lines too (e.g. the gangster prohibition era / the sixties with Andy Warhol)

Still not a "Bad" episode but definitely one of the weaker ones with a flimsy, simplistic plot (magic time travel dust but just not enough of it so it causes problems / how convenient it was the queens' crown had opal time travel dust for them to use) and some characters acting out of, well, character.

Still, no pop culture references (for once) so that's something.

Q. How are the heads in the jars going to survive now without the dust?


Dr. Zoidberg gave 3 points

#16 by Alex
Licking a president's head makes you travel back in time? What happened to making time travel really really difficult? Come on Cohen...stand by your principles.

I enjoyed seeing the British future. The building designs were awesome and Fry was looking rather slick.

Some tired cliches with the bad teeth joke and the cockney accents. They have been done, and I would have hoped the Futurama writers could have come up with something more original.

A varied episode. Some great bits, but it didn't match the greatness of other recent episodes like Law & Oracle.

Alex gave 3 points

#17 by Smeds
This episode was still not up to the standard I had hoped for. Ten times the better than Yo Leela Leela, but still filled with all sorts of easy puns, and while they are sometimes funny, they are also lazy. "He's puking in the Bushes"! However some of the British references were funny and very well used. Zoidberg as a fop and the veiled Monty Python mentions were well done.
Also, surely Futurama can use the time-travelling story device better than this. The classic Roswell episode and the equally awesome Late Philip J. Fry were both better than this. Fingers crossed it improves next week.

Smeds gave 3 points

#18 by Bobbybobsta
Barely funny and a dull plot. If only they could make only good frama episodes, like The Late Philip J Fry.

Bobbybobsta gave 2 points

#19 by Turangalīla
I was hoping for better than the overused British stereotypes (and that American accents would have evolved anyway, I know, picky picky).

Also, how do they show a police box in a sci-fi show without it disappearing or flying away?! I also thought "The Queen" was going to be Mom.

Hey a mediocre episode of Futurama sure beats any episode of Jersey Shore for me.

Turangalīla gave 3 points

#20 by Smat
I was amused.
The pacing may have been a bit off but at least the story wasn't boring.
I enjoyed the british stereotypes and references except the Python ones.
Mind you, Monty Python's animation bits were done by Terry Gilliam, the only american of the group.
And Zoidberg doing the Silly Walk was - well - logic, I suppose. Although he's not much of a Cleese, quite the opposite, I'd say.
Still a rather agreeable epidode, was it not?

Smat gave 4 points

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