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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Free Will Hunting
First aired 08/08/12
Rank: 104/124
Reviews: 80
Rating: 70%

Bender embarks on a quest for the meaning of life after discovering that as a robot he lacks free will.

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#11 by Sheriff
I found this episode very hard to follow. Everything was to rushed to actually enjoy the episode. The plot had potential but it ended up being a pretty big disappointment.

Sheriff gave 2 points

#12 by Brock
Loved it. Laughed quite a bit. "But to have your own pool!"

Brock gave 5 points

#13 by FuturamaFan
@ #10 by SGB

I'm even more sick of all the fans blindly praising the show. I love Futurama, but when an episode has flaws, I'm going to point them out. Criticism does not equal trolling. It's okay if someone doesn't like an episode, as long as they intelligently explain the problems they had with it.

As for the episode itself, it was a neat idea, but the pacing was the worst I've seen in a long time. I don't know why, but the majority of the endings this season have been really rushed. As stated above, the robot monks was boring and didn't do anything for me. I was just waiting for a punchline that didn't come.

Also, what was with the pointless scene with Fry and Leela in bed? What did that add? It's almost like the writers are sick of the all the shippers whining about those two. This whole season has had a lot of pointless moments like those, sort of like an apology for last season's inconsistent writing. Fry/Leela episodes are some of my favorites of the entire series because it isn't something you see every episode. I always liked how those episodes were rare enough that they were special to watch but no so rare that we lost interest. Fun on a Bun was great in that respect, so I hope we can wait with the Fry/Leela scenes, let it build, so the next one will be even better.

FuturamaFan gave 3 points

#14 by fred
stop over analyzing everything lol, you just make yourself sound ignorant. It's a cartoon.

fred gave 5 points

#15 by Will--
Loved it. Great sci-fi story idea. Bed-head Leela, robot planet, robot gangsters and monks.
Fantastic and crazy. One of the best of the season.

Will-- gave 5 points

#16 by John Pirruccello
David Cohen's gone and written the best episode of the season so far. Seriously excellent, felt like classic Futurama all the way through.

John Pirruccello gave 5 points

#17 by GeoffBr
I've liked most of the episodes this season, but thought this one was a disappointment. The pacing was an issue, but mostly because the episode didn't seem to know which direction it wanted to go in.

As a result, the characters ended up making decisions that didn't make much sense: why did Bender decide to join a gang (and why exactly would he meet a street gang in college, of all places)? Why did the previously utterly incompetent hyperchicken suddenly become an able defense attorney? Why did Bender decide to rob Mom Corp without figuring out if the free will unit even existed? And why would the professor decide to randomly give Bender the free will unit after spending his life hiding it from him?

There were also a bunch of superfluous scenes that didn't add much to the story, but definitely jerked it up short. The whole wandering Bender montage ended up weirdly split in the middle when he decided to stop off to talk to the robot elders, for some reason. The gang scene seemed random and stitched together, yet existed only to get Bender in front of a judge... something that could have been done much more simply and quickly. And the end seemed abrupt, without Bender actually learning anything about free will.

The episode definitely had some good funny moments in it. I just felt that it squandered its potential.

GeoffBr gave 3 points

#18 by Tom_Apples
-The free will celebration at the end
-Leela and Fry in bed, since it looked as if Fry was alone
-The return of the Robot Mafia
-Finally a freaking delivery was made in Season 7


-It was a disappointment from DXC to have Bender only in the beginning, only to have it rushed.
-Kind of stupid that Bender wanted to shoot the Proffesor when he had his Free Will already after the Proffesor gave it to him.

I feel this episode deserves a 3

Tom_Apples gave 3 points

#19 by B-B Rodriguez
No further questions!

B-B Rodriguez gave 5 points

#20 by !iMmOrTaL!
As I've said in the past, when it comes to writting Bender stories they are usually hit or miss. This one somehow lands in the middle. I remembered plenty of times where I laughed which could only due to the work of the great David X Cohen. Needless to say, the only flaw this episode really had was that it suffered from the same flaw as The Butterjunk Effect; a rushed ending.
Regardless, I enjoyed just enough.


Oh, and Fry and Leela in bed together.....NICE!!!!

!iMmOrTaL! gave 4 points

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