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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Time keeps on slippin'
First aired 05/06/01
Rank: 40/124
Reviews: 264
Rating: 87%

Farnsworth's attempt to breed a race of atomic supermen that can defeat the Harlem Globetrotters creates a disturbance in time, causing it to skip forwards erratically.

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#191 by THT3000
one of the ten best Futuramas ever

THT3000 gave 5 points

#192 by Some Random Guy
Pitiful but a bit funny
Especially when they were doing the naked conga line

"I don't know how this was supposed to work!"

This episode made me cry

And more thing to the creator of this episode: WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING???!!!

Some Random Guy gave 2 points

#193 by Aron
Close to a perfect five, this silly basketball comedy (I admit, the basketball game was hillarious) turns into a epic love-drama. Great guest acting by the "globetrotters", great lines.

Aron gave 4 points

#194 by pooptastik
beautiful episode. from the mutants too the awesome romantic ending. this episode is the reason why i'm in love with Futurama.

Fry rules.

pooptastik gave 5 points

#195 by Ace
Only because of the way we see Fry finally realise what he did to make Leela love him.

Ace gave 4 points

#196 by <3
Let me start off by saying fry is my fav character so my poignion might be diffirent than a bender fan's. Well leela was pretty straight forward..Fry tried everything to impress her and by trying he was rejected everytime. Zoidberg was GREAT! and so was bender but the ending was very i was a little upset..Overall pretty good!

<3 gave 4 points

#197 by cayoter
The ending really made me mad!
Fry moved the stars to write Leela a love note, and, like everything else that connects Fry and Leela romantically (that is in space), it gets sucked into a black hole! (that heart shaped nebula in "A Flight to Remember" was that other thing)


cayoter gave 3 points

#198 by Cerulean Shadow
OMG!!!! FRY AND LEELA GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ending made me wanna tear up.

Cerulean Shadow gave 5 points

#199 by Shea
One of my favourite episodes of futurama.Really good humour and storyline.The end made me sad [not like crying with tears sad] but i didnt get frustrated like i did with "jurassic bark". A lot of the parts had me laughfing my head off. So ,yah, overall, good episode.
-Thanks Matt for bringing futurama to tv-

Shea gave 4 points

#200 by Sweet Clive
I thought this episode was awesome its in my top 5 and is on of the episodes i watch the most it even inspired my screen name on every website i go on that ones required Sweet Clive and that classic line in it when dooms day device is mentioned and the prof. "Dooms day device you say now the balls in farnsworths court and i supose i can part with one and still be feared" that has me laughing my ass off every time i hear it

Sweet Clive gave 5 points

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