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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 06/24/10
Rank: 120/124
Reviews: 222
Rating: 54%

Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet.

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#201 by Hypnotode
ok episode. But they make Zapp too weasely.

Hypnotode gave 3 points

#202 by Daxton Smalpecker
Loved it!!

Daxton Smalpecker gave 5 points

#203 by Chlorine
And here it is: The single worst episode Futurama ever created. People who dislike episodes are usually dismissed as "haters" around here (which is ironic, because the negative reviews are usually much more well-written and explain clearly what seemed wrong with the episode). I never hated a Futurama episode. Yo Leela Leela was dull and with the music scenes hard to watch. But I didn't hate it, I just didn't like it at all. This one however is different. Yes, this is the one Futurama episode I hate.

Sadly, this could have been a decent episode (decent, not great). The Zapp b-movie-ish cartoon strips were funny. The chamber of understanding was great. Zapp himself usually is funny. However, in this episode he's not. He is portrayed as a manipulating, self-pitying wimp. That's not how I see him. I see him as a wimp who is dellusional about just that - which is the very thing that makes him funny.

Here however, he tricks Leela into having sex with him. Since when is he that smart? Since when does he accept that he won't score with Leela under normal circumstances?

But now a much more important question: Why does Leela not even hesitate the slightest bit when that lame V-Giny thing (yes, I get the references) wants them to have sex for some illogical reason? In the last episode, even if it was flawed, there was a lot of emotional development between Fry and Leela. And now she just has sex with the man she despises IN FRONT OF HIM? Did the writer of this episode actually see a Futurama episode before?

Add to that lines like "this seems like a good place to take a dump" and I'm out. Thank God the other episodes of this season weren't as awful, but this one still caused a lot of damage.

Chlorine gave 1 point

#204 by snip snap
This is the worst Futurama episode I've seen and I've seen nearly all of them. Leela, Fry and Bran were out of character. Most of the jokes were about sex and not very witty. I seriously wonder how this episode's script was approved. No good.

snip snap gave 2 points

#205 by Fry&Leela
Horrible! It was bad enough having Leela somewhat fall for Zappa. But it have them have sex at the end in front of Fry? Just ... No, they could have done way better. Plus even for being dehydrated Leela seemed a bit out of character. I gave it a 1 :p

Fry&Leela gave 1 point

#206 by Isaac
Some good jokes, but terrible characterizations of Leela, Zap, and Fry.

Isaac gave 1 point

#207 by Speisz
I don't want to repeat what Chlorine has said in #204. That post exactly represents how I see this episode. The inconsistencies in Zapp's, Leela's & Fry's characters are unique among all episodes and against Futurama's nature.

Speisz gave 1 point

#208 by Lamusiqe13
Again, this isn't the best episode. The ending was unnecessary. The only part I liked was when Zapp confessed to everything he did, and even then, that seemed dragged out. Other than that, it was a total fail.

Lamusiqe13 gave 2 points

#209 by christurd finkel
Wow, even better than Family Guy right here... well.. maybe.

christurd finkel gave 5 points

#210 by riik
zapp = 5. ALWAYS

riik gave 5 points

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