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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Time keeps on slippin'
First aired 05/06/01
Rank: 40/124
Reviews: 264
Rating: 87%

Farnsworth's attempt to breed a race of atomic supermen that can defeat the Harlem Globetrotters creates a disturbance in time, causing it to skip forwards erratically.

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#211 by Zanfor
This episode had potential.

It had a lot of good jokes, and the setting and situation was great.

But then they ruined the entire thing.

Fry: But I guess you'll never feel the same way about me as I do about you.
Leela: I guess not.

This portrays Leela as an unfeeling, coldhearted person. And then she just walks away!
(Although she did make up for it slightly.)

Then there's that message being blown up. It's a well known writing rule never to use coincidence to help a character. But this is a point-blank example of when I think it should not be used hurt a character, either.

I liked 'Parasites Lost' because it was artistically sad. This episode was just blatantly sad.

This is one of the three Futurama episodes that actually made me cry...

(See my reviews for 'Love & Rocket', 'Parasites Lost', and 'Leela's Homeworld'.)

Zanfor gave 1 point

#212 by eIRINNSKe_56
zanfor! i loved this episode. i kno, i m probly the only futurama fan who thinks the fact that fry an leela arnt 2g4 is funny but i did cry at the end of this 1 aswell.
but i do agree, i wish leela had of seen the message. thats one 4 the "what if?" machine

eIRINNSKe_56 gave 5 points

#213 by Rachie
2nd best episode eva!
"He is easily amused by his own antics....." lol!
"No! drugs are for losers, and hyponoses is for losers with big eyebrows!"

Rachie gave 5 points

#214 by eIRINNSKe_56
i only had 1 problem with this episode. bcoz of the time skips everything was being moved in2 the future in2 the places they would b, but when every1 had 2 "clear out" coz of the circus, they stayed in the same place! other than that, it was one of the darker ending but as i sed 2 comments previous, i loved this episode

eIRINNSKe_56 gave 5 points

#215 by Buckethead
Phil LaMarr you genius!

That's all I have to say.

Buckethead gave 5 points

#216 by Micky
I loved this eposode it really showed the relationship between fry and leela. It made me cry even though it was a dark ending it made me smile a bit aswell :) i loved it it was beautiful and sweet and thts wat i like bout futurama the thought of it all

Micky gave 5 points

#217 by Ivan
This was excellent. The time skips were funny. I knew they were going to happen, but I wasn't dure when, so when they started during the basketball game I was ROTFL! Classic.

Ivan gave 5 points

#218 by Tony
Hi, it's really great site.

My guestbook

Tony gave 2 points

#219 by nibbler
this episode was the best ever, especially the part when the mutant atomic spider guy was blown up. the random time skips had me laughing my head of.
i dont no how anyone couldn't like this episode

nibbler gave 5 points

#220 by Nicholas B
This is my favorite episode. It was so funny all the way through. I'm not even a fan of basketball but i thought it was amazing. The ending was great, a tear came to my eye. ARE YOU FUNKY ENOUGH TO BE A GLOBETROTTER?

Nicholas B gave 5 points

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