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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Roswell that Ends Well
First aired 12/09/01
Rank: 6/124
Reviews: 374
Rating: 93%

A supernova sends the crew back in time to 1947, where they land in Roswell, Area 51. Fry and Bender's head have to go in for a rescue mission.

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#211 by zoidy

zoidy gave 5 points

#212 by Declan
i really liked this episode it was funny and it a real historical meaning


Declan gave 4 points

#213 by Bender the Offender
WOW! What a stupendous episode!

I'd never seen this before I bought the box set and what a treat it was to watch this!

Bender the Offender gave 5 points

#214 by Thunderleg
Probably the funniest episode of Futurama. I can't help laughing at Zoidberg and his hilarious doings. The Roswell-theme makes this soooooooo good! It's fun to watch fry and others adventuring in our known history. Maybe the best quote was when Truman and the General were talking about landing on the moon! Absolutely the best episode ever!

Thunderleg gave 5 points

#215 by Greogory Bogosian
this is one of if not the best episode of futurama; it was dramatic and hilarious the computer graphics were 1st rate and so was the humer, everthing from those clocks in the rip in the space time continuem, to how fry turnd out to be his own granpa my favorite quotes were "What smells like blue." "don't do anything that effects anything, unless it turns out you were suposed to do it then for the love of God don't not do it." and "oh a lesson in not changing history from mister i'm my own granpa." long story short the time travel plot plus the raw genius of the writing really erarnd that Emmy.

Greogory Bogosian gave 5 points

#216 by ben r
who freaked when zoidberg was at the free buffet and he went nuts and leapt on the window and sucked it? a great part is when fry & enos are in a cafe and a spurt of gas comes out the grill and fry screames to enos "FIRE LOOK OUT! and the table flips over and a knife from it falls of and lands just centremetres away from enos's testicals and fry gasps & says "oh my god! you almost got neutered! enos replies "well, it aint worse then being killed" "for me it is!" fry yells. one of the best episodes of the series.

ben r gave 5 points

#217 by hannukahzombie
If your here to make peace surrender, if your here to make war we surrender.
Both good but the important thing is I'm meeting new people

hannukahzombie gave 5 points

#218 by Raz
I say that this is the best episode eva!!!! Futurama staff, GREAT JOB! I have only seen it once because sky 1 never shows the friggin season 4 episodes i only saw it at my mates house. But that was the best episode i have seen in my life! Id rate it 374652938475628347562348756873465023 out of 5!

Raz gave 5 points

#219 by Emokid_doug

Probobally my favourite futrama ever, anyone wh didnt crack out laughing when Zoidberg found out the buffet was free is well strange, pure brilliance. Zoidberg always is hilarious and they make full use of his particular brand of humour. Terrific

Emokid_doug gave 5 points

#220 by Loz
I really loved this episode, fab start to the season. Some of the lines got me in stitches!
It's weird, am i the only one with the season box-set that hasn't got this episode?
PS) i'm from the UK, does that make a difference? Its on the TV here, and i'm really annoyed about it! :( Love the episode, especially when Fry turns out to be his own Grandpa, Lol! Din't really see how that works, but nevermind ;)

Loz gave 5 points

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