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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV
First aired 08/03/03
Rank: 72/124
Reviews: 292
Rating: 80%

Bender manages to get a role on the 30th century hit soap 'All My Circuits' featuring non-oscar winning superstar Calculon.

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#221 by Fuzion Shockwave
This episode was full of cheap jokes, like something out of Simpsons Season 14.

Not funny, not a great plot.

Fuzion Shockwave gave 2 points

#222 by dmac
This episode was far better than 52/72, if just for the network executive jokes alone.

"Game shows are back"

dmac gave 5 points

#223 by 101001101
either the best nor the worst episode of the season - "The Why of Fry" would have made a better series finale. But the concept was terribly sweet, the singing was really good (even if there have been better songs on the show), and the ending is open and very fitting - either it truly is a kiss and a walk into the sunset, or if (cross your fingers) Cartoon Network is able to produce more episodes, there's a) a new story line of Fry and Leela the couple or b) the same story line, wherein she gets cuddly for a moment but we're back to bemused disgust for the next episode.
Lo gave 4 points


#8 by Kristi

Amazing episode!!! It was great as a series finale. All the characters were funny. I'm glad some minor characters were able to make cameos. I loved the Robot Devil in this episode. Too bad he wasn't in Futurama more, he's so funny! The twist where Leela has to marry Beezlebot was great and unexpected.
Some of my favorite things:
- The caption and billboard gags at the beginning were especially great.
- The singing at the end (I like musicals)!
- Zoidberg (singing): I can't believe everyone's just ad-libbing!
- the grumpy snail
- Bender: Bite my shiny metal... nooooo!
- all the parts with Beezlebot
- the running gag about irony
- Leela saying the robot hands are cold and Beezlebot shouting that it's hot in hell. Hehe.
- Mentioning Sean again and finding out more about him
- Seeing the construction worker from the pilot again (the one on that You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do poster)
- The Donkey Kong reference. Now the pilot AND the series finale have a Donkey Kong reference.
- Hermes ordering a Shirley Hemphill. He's been making a lot of marijuana jokes lately. I love it.
The ending was great. It was a fitting end to a great show and very sweet and touching. Fry finally won Leela's heart. About time. The last line and last holophoner piece were great and symbolic. "I want to hear how it ends."
Goodbye, Futurama. You had a great run.
Kristi gave 5 points


#9 by nraygun

Very sad, but most likely because we knew it was the last one. Thought it was very sneaky of the writers to never actually put Fry and Leela together... it didn't seem to have that much closure, but in a good way, because it left so much for our own imaginations, and leaves it wide open for movies or a [highly unlikely] return to television. Overall, a great episode, great way to end the series. [although i would still like to see leela & fry fall in love... i'm just sappy]
ps- Also choked up at the "see you on another channel" opener.
nraygun gave 5 points


#10 by Dave E

Well, I'll rectify that situation right now. All I can say is I laughed out loud, was entertained throughout, and got choked up at the end. Man, they really outdid themselves with this one; I think all the main characters got a decent play in this episode, lot's of good cameos, great jokes, some surprizingly good vocal performances, and a classy, sweet ending. Great plot twists (Leela going deaf, Bender loosing his ass)...too much to go into at this late hour. I just wanted to be a part of this final evaluation and help give Futurama the sendoff it deserves. Bravo...encore!! Too bad a certain network allowed this great show to end when it was just hiting it's highest mark. Goodbye Fry, Leela, Bender, Professor, Amy, Zoidberg, Hermes, Zapp, Kiff, Mom, Calculon, and all the rest...
Dave E gave 5 points


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Short Summary

Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV
First aired 08/03/03
Rank: 52/72
Reviews: 222
Rating: 80%
Bender manages to get a role on the 30th century hit soap 'All My Circuits' featuring non-oscar winning superstar Calculon.


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#11 by Wes McGee

This episode was given added relevancy with how the Fox network treated this show, this is one of the best satires of the broadcast biz I've ever see. I think even Fox could see when Futurama was knifing them in the back.
Wes McGee gave 5 points


#12 by jeff

episodes revovling around bender never fail to be funny- he was at his best.
jeff gave 5 points


#13 by Justin Hemenway

Not quite as good as this season's best bender ep., "Obsoletely Fabulous", but still really funny. I LOVED the network execubots...reminds me of another network...Cubert and Dwight weren't too bad, but since when do they hang out

101001101 gave 5 points

#224 by Wernstrum!!!!!
Brilliant episode, ths one has my favourite futurama scene: the auditions for the role alongside Calculon in all my circuits:

Calculon- "You ever been on TV?"
Bender- "Yeah, back when I held those hostages."
Calculon- "I saw that, you were good!"

Wernstrum!!!!! gave 5 points

#225 by Joshua
It was a very funny episode. The rivalry between Bender and Calculon is classic.

Joshua gave 4 points

#226 by Jane
hilarious! loved the songs!

Jane gave 4 points

#227 by FuturPimp
This is my favorite episode with alot of laughs!! Just hilarious at the end when Bender says to turn off the tv and sit down with your children and hit them.

FuturPimp gave 5 points

#228 by get him andrew
this is one of the greatest episodes espically when bender says try this kids at home.

this episode gets a gritty in your face 5

get him andrew gave 5 points

#229 by leo
i loved the re-mix song

leo gave 4 points

#230 by LabarbaraFan
This is a great episode.Labarbara was in this episode!No speaking part.Oh well she was in it.The songs were great.Bender is a very good role model.Bender speech at the end was very funny!!

LabarbaraFan gave 5 points

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