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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Pharaoh To Remember
First aired 03/10/02
Rank: 115/124
Reviews: 394
Rating: 65%

After delivering an enormous sandstone to Osiris 4, Fry, Leela and Bender are forced to work as slaves assisting the construction of the great Pharaoh Hamenthotep's tomb -- a pyramid.

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#241 by trent.y
funny but not good for me(no offence peole who liked it)

trent.y gave 2 points

#242 by Thierry Van Durme
lblkhohjoi,;,kbui h biub

Thierry Van Durme gave 5 points

#243 by stefan
think it is one of the best episodes ever. bender is great in its role as the cruel pharao.

stefan gave 5 points

#244 by The Purpletraitor
I agree with everyone who said this episode had a weak plot. Bender’s desire to be remembered is not only heavy-handed but it has next to no reference to any other episode. In fact, wasn’t it the first episode in which he was queuing up for the somewhat anonymous suicide booth? Where’d this desire to be remembered spring from? At least Bender’s other characteristics (cook, folk singer, celebrity ass-kisser) were consistent.
Also, is it lamer to go to a planet that almost exactly resembles ancient Egypt or to go back in time to ancient Egypt? Either way, once they end up on Osiris, you’d never think they were in the 31st century the way they get so easily enslaved just a few metres from their spaceship.

HOWEVER, I don’t give a crap what any of you one-liner reviewers (whose reviews I sure as hell wont remember) are saying: this episode DID have its moments. Although he took a dive for the worse once he became pharaoh (despite his natty pharaoh attire), Bender did provide some great moments, like the “Bender Licks Butt” fold-in gag, and the funeral scene:

“Bender was a truly special…”

“Dear lord…”

And even on Osiris 4, Bender had some funny moments, such as when he was pushing the block faster than the guy could whip him, and when he was whipping those business-like guys who were looking at the “Pharoah’s Ass” diagram. There were also some good gags not involving Bender, such as the hilariously inaccurate Elton John character, Fry nailing himself to the accident board and “Your words guide us/We’re dumb.”

So yes, maybe the plot is one of the weakest in Futurama history and, like the Bender statue, crashes and burns at the end, but to say it’s the worst episode ever when it featured plenty of good humour in it is preposterous.

The Purpletraitor gave 3 points

#245 by Adam Giess
An O.K. episode. Some good laughs.

Adam Giess gave 3 points

#246 by ---
I didn't really mind that bender was insanely evil. i did mind the weak plot, poor charcater interaction, lack of continuity, and the fact that the ep. didn't go anywhere. it left a bad taste in my mouth

--- gave 1 point

#247 by dj gs68
Note to self: don't build structures to perfect measurements.

dj gs68 gave 4 points

#248 by Juju
"If i thought i was going to the afterlife, i would kill myself right now!"

Juju gave 5 points

#249 by TT
"Remember me!!!"
Bender rules!

TT gave 5 points

#250 by Abrazite
I really liked benders funneral and Amy was yelling about how she missed them.

THe austrian worker guy was there pulling the stone too.

... the danmed good looking...

"Your words guide us... we're dumb..."

The next prophcy is pretty good too

Abrazite gave 5 points

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