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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Where No Fan Has Gone Before
First aired 04/21/02
Rank: 50/124
Reviews: 286
Rating: 84%

Fry is put on trial for his life for traveling to the forbidden planet of Omega 3 to retrieve all 79 episodes of "Star Trek", and he must defend the claim that human kind needs "Star Trek" to give them hope for the future.

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#241 by The J
This episdoe was greatoh and bey the way mr. beer 01101010111 and BIGGESTFUTRAMAFAN ARE ALL the same person.

The J gave 5 points

#242 by google pr main
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google pr main gave 2 points

#243 by rfan
Loved it when the cloud thing kept zapping welshie unitl he disentegrated - ha ha

rfan gave 5 points

#244 by Yigal Rosengarten
Way too much Star Trek. All the other Futurama characters were all minors while the Star Trek characters were the focus of the show. People like myself, who don't follow Star Trek won't be able to understand the references to the show.

Yigal Rosengarten gave 2 points

#245 by Anthony Alvarez
What a lame and boring episode.

Anthony Alvarez gave 1 point

#246 by The J
Ok even if you dont understand star tek its still funyy in fact it imght be even mmore funny that way and also Melbar was brilliant and that ship must of benn very durable to take all those blasts in conlusion this was a great episode with lots a fuuny lines and in fact I dont know much about star trek.

The J gave 5 points

#247 by Spock Lover
Best episode ever! my friend and i quote it all the time. i have memorized it. i love it to death. loved all the little subtle references to trek most people wouldnt have seen. loved how McCoy was included in the group as a living active member, even though DeForest Kelley was beamed up to heaven, and so for obvious reasons didnt voice his charactor.

best parts:

Melllvar with 3 "L's"

Takei-"i think ive done enough conventions to know how to spell Melllvar"

Shatman and scoring an alien chick

Nimoy: "lets see if this actually works"


Jonathan Frakes: "yes! front row!" (because of his desire to steal Picard's job)

Nichols: "in the 3rd season i kissed Shatner!"

fans fighting over who knew more

melllvar turning out just like Trelane in THE SQUIRE OF GOTHOS

Balance of terror quote

the "christine Chapel" instead of "Cistine Chapel"

Nimoy: "hmm a body! Buff, tan... yeah! this is mine alright!" (sure Leonard! you should rewatch A PIECE OF THE ACTION, mr. shirtless and pasty)

Spock Lover gave 5 points

#248 by Ford
Second funniest of this season, Funny stuff includes:

Fry as captain Pike
Them having a star trek convention
Bender: "Can all star trek fans go home?" Mellvar: "No, you have to stay even longer"
Shatner doing spoken word of real slim shady
Melllvar being 34
Having a Star-Trek like fight scene
Still fighting Melllvar

Ford gave 4 points

#249 by Buckethead
I'm not from Australia and I've never seen Star Trek but still this episode was brilliant. Possibly because they could use the cast of Star Trek as a refreshing, new outlook on Futurama humour. An A for sure.

Buckethead gave 4 points

#250 by steve'o
as a huge trek fan i thought the episode was superb. a really great concept and it was good to see that the original series actors are able to poke fun at themselves. lots of jokes that true trek fans could get but also good fun for any non-trek fan. top stuff

steve'o gave 5 points

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