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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Roswell that Ends Well
First aired 12/09/01
Rank: 6/124
Reviews: 374
Rating: 93%

A supernova sends the crew back in time to 1947, where they land in Roswell, Area 51. Fry and Bender's head have to go in for a rescue mission.

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#261 by Jermzz
I liked this episode even though i never saw all of it but there is a mistake. in one episode you see fry being born and his mother has the same hair coluor as him not like his fathers so this man should be his mothers father not his fathers father

Jermzz gave 4 points

#262 by benny boi
this is no were a good episode, its not good at all. Its freaking extravigantly a brilliant emmy award winning episode! thats how damn goood it is! first of all they travel back *pretty much further* from fry's time, then bender falls out of the planet express ship window "ahh, those things cost more lives then they save...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!". then zoidburg picks up all of benders pieces, troops come they find him and the "spaceship". "hey, thats no spaceship, thats my ass!". Which explains all of the area 51 buisness.

Overall this has got to be one of my favourite episode, and i mean this, this time! Plus this is the first time they got to make visual ground (by ground i mean cars, trucks, tanks touching the ground, no hove cars) so they got a lot to experiment with thier.

I think this is a big episode for, fry, zoidburd and bender. Fry goes undercover to find his grandad and makes sure noting happens to him. First of all he dives him in to a pile of rusty swords, then kills him in a newclear bomb!then zoidburg gets tested out to see if he really is a alien, he has these funny quotes. " are you coming on to me?!".
"its, free?! blaaahhuurrghgllaaaa!".
"go ahed take it, i have 3 of them!".

because they find all of benders body, its only benders head in action this episode :p. but still as usual he comes out with the jokes! "hey, thats an awfull wierd snakbox you got here".
"hey, hey thats my braaain!".
"these crackers are mighty crunchy..".

so yeah my favuite episode =), well dome futurama crew.

benny boi gave 5 points

#263 by Adam
HIghest Rated episode? Why? I thought it was funny and clever, but it made no sense. Little of futurama makes sense, but this one was just ridiculous. A supernova explosion and microwave radiation results in time travel? I was assured I was high when I saw this episode. I Don't mean to be nerdy, (thought I am no competetion for some on this site) but all a supernova explosion does is kill you. If you're within 500 million light years it will kill you. And Fry is his own grandfather? It's just so ridiculous. If you think about that for more than 5 minutes blood will shoot out of ears. SO it was good, but just way too ridiculous.

Adam gave 3 points

#264 by Cerulean Shadow
Now I know why this episode won an Emmy Award. It's So FUNNY AND COOL!

Cerulean Shadow gave 5 points

#265 by elliot

elliot gave 5 points

#266 by Sweet Clive
this episode was cool but why wasnt the prof. as worried about being wiped from existance as fry was beccause there related and no one seemed to notive that that would happen and frys line i think its in this "but existing is practicly all i do" if it is in this it was funny but if its in another episode then to hell with it its still funny

Sweet Clive gave 4 points

#267 by Rabbbit
This is my alltime favourite futurama episode. It's really hillarious

Rabbbit gave 5 points

#268 by Kat
My second favorite episode-I love that Fry is his own Grandfather, brilliant.

Kat gave 5 points

#269 by Stroque Minutz
this episode is great but I think bender si gay.

Stroque Minutz gave 4 points

#270 by just fantabulistic
"Wow!" no wait "WOW!" i thought they might have been running out of ideas' but then "BAM!" fry defies the laws of physics or reletivity or something, we find out just how great a chracter zoidberg is *and how many organs he has* and that bender *when put into the right shape* can hover several feet above the ground!!! who wouldnt give a perfect score for this episode???

just fantabulistic gave 5 points

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