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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Bicyclops Built for Two
First aired 03/19/00
Rank: 76/124
Reviews: 137
Rating: 80%

Leela meets a one eyed alien and discovers that he's the only one left when she visits his home world.Bound to the idea of propagating her race she slips into factual slavery in marriage.

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#21 by walking
the part with the internet is good and the smiley the man did to amy was funny. and the part with leela as peg was good. but the plot was stupid and the story went just bad but they were some good jokes.

walking gave 3 points

#22 by bilbo
Fry: "Four identical castles?!"
Bender: "Each more Identical than the last."

bilbo gave 5 points

#23 by jojo
it was good as a matter of a fact im watchin it now

jojo gave 5 points

#24 by JH the DUELIST
This was a great episode bringing back some Married with Children paraody for with Katey using her Peg voice again. Fry's involvment was funny that he doesn't know to take a dump in a corner.

Too bad that Ed O' Neil didn't come to play the role of Alkazar. The main storyline that Al is dating multiple species is funny plus Bender stealing everthing in sight is just plain funny.

JH the DUELIST gave 5 points

#25 by Kip
Love the internet multiplayer game thing where fry does all those cool acrobatic almost matrix like moves... classic and excellent portrail of the internet in the future.


Kip gave 4 points

#26 by GilmourWaters
"Hey, lady! Do you know how much it costs to rent a tux that changes shape?"
Comedy writers take note: This is how you fill gaping plot holes with just one line.
As for the Internet scene, I think it's already been said, but here we go anyway: FANTASTIC!!!
Great to see a stab at the FOX audience as well. As a Brit, I can't quite understand the hoopin' and a hollerin' every time a toilet's mentioned! Bidets are a lot funnier. Think, people.
I also liked the can of corn. Sorry, that Emmy Award winning corn!

GilmourWaters gave 4 points

#27 by gilad
good one
specially the part with the internet

gilad gave 5 points

#28 by totoffle
Have to agree with GilmourWaters. Bidet. Hilarious stuff :)

Anyway, back to the episode. It was the first episode I actually watched, and it's still one of the funniest :)

The whole internet thingy was funny, the pop-up's were hilarious, wish I could do that IRL, lol.

Grat episode!

totoffle gave 5 points

#29 by metallirock
I saw this episode for the first time last night on Cartoon Network, and I thought it was really good. I really liked the Married with Children thing, and how Alkazar has his hand down is pants like Al Bundey. Poor, poor Leela. Why can't she just suck it u and be happy with Fry?

metallirock gave 4 points

#30 by chris
this episode is great.
and the most tragic part our species ends with us.

it doesnt have to.

what do you mean?

your male and im female.

im still not getting you.

chris gave 5 points

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