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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Bird-bot of Ice-catraz
First aired 03/04/01
Rank: 60/124
Reviews: 129
Rating: 83%

Leela disagrees with the Professor's decision to use a path near a penguin preserve to ship hazardous cargo, and quits her job as captain. She's replaced with Bender, to Fry's chagrin.

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#21 by Rachel D.
One of my favorites! (Even if it doesn't have the right camera angles!)

Rachel D. gave 5 points

#22 by Kristi
Very funny episode. Farnsworth had some great lines ("To avoid the tollbooth."). Zoidberg had some good ones, too. The planets' surfaces looked cool.

I liked the plot with the penguins and the Fry/Bender subplot. But, too many things went on during this episode. Leela's protesting, Bender thinking he's a penguin, Fry and Bender fighting then Fry looking for Bender. Near the middle of the show things seemed to be going nowhere. The ending was good and wrapped up all the plots.

Kristi gave 5 points

#23 by Carbito
I loved this episode. Apart from being the first episode I have seen on Australian TV in ages it provided lots of good laughs. I liked how they accually had Zoidberg play a role as it helped to develop his character further. I also really like how Zoidberg follows whoever is captain. Another good thing about this episode was that it showed what the world looked like through the eyes of Bender. Zoidberg was not the only character to develop, when Leela joined the protestors and refused to kill the penguins it really developed her character. This episode is full of laughs, mainly coming from Zoidberg. Dispite some slow points in the middle this episode is great...then again are not all Futurama episodes great?

Carbito gave 5 points

#24 by general snett
pretty good diologue with Bender as a bas ass old style ship captain (British viewers may think of the bbc series 'Hornblower'). Great quote, with fry at the captains table insulting Bender, who stands up and replies "Sir, you forget yourself!" or Zoidbergs "its been an honour serving with you, Captain" to Fry when the ship is being attacked by a giant space squid.

general snett gave 4 points

#25 by ssj
This epesode made Bender look hilarious! I mean, he made penguins evil! that cracked me up for 5 min! But, the epesode was missing something. I'm not sure what. It's a good epesode though!

ssj gave 3 points

#26 by Clamps
And the punch lines flowed with gold.....I loved it. Sr. Waterfall, the father of the guy in the Popplers one, and I'm guessing the grandfather...or whatever or the guy who becomes Zoidberg's lawyer in the eating the flag episode, was great.

"If your cold, put you hands in between your buttocks, that's nature's pocket."
"Uhh...I'm going to visit Bender."
"Don't let him pick your pocket."

Brilliant. This was also one of Zoidberg's best episodes. The way he stalled before jumping on to the ravioli, eating the penguin eggs, but most of all, his lines toward the captains.

"Dammit Fry, he may have done wrong, but he's still your
captian!" and "Such a man, I'd follow him to Hell and back I would!"

Accompanying, even complementing all of this, was Bender as a penguin dictator.

"Just like I said, if it ain't black and white, peck, scratch, and bite. Now to take off my tuxedo..."

The ending with the penguins in the field with the rifles was.....marvelous. It opened up the opitions for a second episode, (sadly though, I doubt that will happen) and it was just funny.

Bravo Matt....Bravo.

Clamps gave 5 points

#27 by piegeek
this was one of my favorite episodes----i love the shot at the end with the two penguins that find those two guns and cocks them with that look in their eyes hahahahaha--- perfection i wish i had a poster of that shot...A++

piegeek gave 5 points

#28 by KRC 99014533
+++Additional Material+++

All time best line in Futurama universe and indeed whole world:

(look also! i can spell Zoidberg's name now, aren't i clever?)

Zoidberg: 'Please captain, have some malt liquer, you robots need alcohol to function!'
Bender:(Sober as hell)'Gettout!... I once knew a guy... You look like him... But he wasn't either... *Bwuuurhhh...* I'm, good captain..?'

KRC 99014533 gave 4 points

#29 by gs68
Not very interesting. If only I could rate this 2 and .5 points!

gs68 gave 2 points

#30 by Ricky
A memorable episode... Bender is marvellous in this episode, and the pirate and environmentalist things were great!

Ricky gave 5 points

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