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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Bend Her
First aired 07/20/03
Rank: 101/124
Reviews: 313
Rating: 72%

Bender gets to know the advantages and disadvantages of being a fembot. As a fembot. The sex change allows him to take part in the robot Olympics.

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#21 by CutterKirby

could be funnier though...

Bender: all hail rambola (something like that), a land i did not make up!


also funny:
amy: (after the celeb robot asks bender to marry him) Maybe we were right a bout the lipstick..

CutterKirby gave 4 points

#22 by Chris
God, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Why are all of you giving this 5s? That was terrible!

I'm the biggest Futurama fan I know and that episode just wasn't funny. I didn't laugh once... I thought the episode last week, which I gave a 4, was much better.

Chris gave 1 point

#23 by JabstaMcnasty
Really good episode, not what I was expecting, I was impressed.

JabstaMcnasty gave 5 points

#24 by micah
i really was sad and let down with this one. i sat down to watch at dinner, all prepared to get sentimental on the show and it's limited time left in my life, and they hit me with a dud. hermes was great and so was fry, but bender would have fucked him over in the long run, we all know it. also, a not to writers, as always, MORE ZOIDBERG. we can't get enough ZOIDBERG! EVER!

i hope the last three provide me with everything im looking for.

micah gave 2 points

#25 by Jeremy Fein
Worst Episode Ever

Jeremy Fein gave 1 point

#26 by SomeoneWhoKnows
Just flipped by Futurama tonight and had no idea what it would be about. I found it really great! I usually don't like any of the characters because they are either unfunny or too sarcastic, but tonight the show had a perfect tone. And so much of what Bender experienced is VERY true. Take it from "someone who knows" what it is really like!

SomeoneWhoKnows gave 4 points

#27 by Aleel
ALthought I didnt like the way benders talked about women, and how the professer talked about "mood swings" had me craking up, besides benders, bender ness I like it, also, It is just me or does bender look weird as a fembot?

Aleel gave 5 points

#28 by Kristin
Not terrible, but certainly not one of the best. It felt like the plot and the jokes were a little strained. I still love this final season, but I think this episode is a good example of why Futurama fans should be glad that the show hasn't been dragged through many seasons and played out like the Simpsons. The final three should be good stuff.

Kristin gave 3 points

#29 by Krzysiek
I thought it was great. I couldn't get enough of Bender living the life as a woman. And fry constantly asking him if he's really in love with Calculon and such. And the ending....when he started tearing up, I thought it was going to end there. But he gave one of his one liners to Amy and Leela.....great. That's what makes this show awesome! Too bad Fox just had to cancel it and replace it with Banzai [Gag me.]

Krzysiek gave 5 points

#30 by Zoidworth
This episode was one of the few I really didn't care for. Last week's epiosde, along with this, just seemed to drag. It did have it's moments, some funny jokes in it... but it got annoying by the end to have a lot of the stereotypical jokes.

I was also extremely disappointed with Hermes role. He started out a strong, heavy character in this episode... but then seemed to have been forgotten. I think this episode might have been more improved on if they added some more Hermes scenes, like what happened to him after he was disqualified in the olympics. It's been a while since we've had a good Hermes episode, so I think they should have given him a chance... but, they didn't.

Overall, it was an average episode. It had moments, but just seemed to drag. Last week's episode did the same, and it's starting to make Season 5 really lag. Season 5 is saved with episodes like "The Sting" and "Farnsworth's Parabox," which were both definate 5s in my opinion.

Zoidworth gave 3 points

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