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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 06/24/10
Rank: 120/124
Reviews: 222
Rating: 54%

Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet.

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#21 by The Drizzle
It was a funny episode with alot of witty one liners and the plot was pretty good too but they ruined leela's character. For example fry and leela are dating one minute but then she ends up being easily minupulated by zapps dumbass schemes to get in her pants and then after she finds out he was lying about the "uncharted planet" they were stuck on she has sex with him (in front of fry) because some deathship thinks there adam and eve and orders them to do it. it makes no sense why frys not soar about it and leela is so willing to have intercourse with the same guy shes been repulsed by the whole series..even if she had to do it she seemed more than ok with the idea.. major flaws very disapointed

The Drizzle gave 2 points

#22 by Ryan
Just gonna say what everybody is thinking, this episode was HOT! The ending had me in stitches also. So happy that the new season is here, looking forward to the team warming their brain muscles back up and delivering as only Futurama can.

Ryan gave 5 points

#23 by Kelly
That was pretty funny.

Kelly gave 4 points

#24 by Lordnova ( spoilers)
Once again a bit of a let down but it had a pretty strong start and I like the starwars references. I still think they could have done without the half episode of nudity but then again that's what happens with a new network. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against nudity but only if it has something even remotely related to the story. Didn't expect leela to sleep with brannigan I mean just not what I expected after into the wild green yonder. He tried to kill them I mean come on leela.

Lordnova ( spoilers) gave 3 points

#25 by wouldntyouliketoknow
I was very disappointed by this episode. It seems as if its writers were just trying to jump on the disgusting Family Guy-esque sexual humor bandwagon, forgetting that they are DIFFERENT from all the ignorant BS out there, and that's what makes people like me love them. I also agree that alot of the trashy parts seemed forced. They made no sense in the context of Futurama as a whole, and they made Leela look waaaaay cheaper than the true fans know her to really be. Not only did it cheapen Leela, but it cheapened the whole show and its writers as a whole. If this trend continues, I will no longer continue to watch.

wouldntyouliketoknow gave 1 point

#26 by [-mArc-]
Sheesh. 3rd worst episode ever? I think not.

So the character relationships changed over the past 7 years. I was still thoroughly entertained.

[-mArc-] gave 5 points

#27 by Logan
I agree Leela was out of character and i didnt like how she was falling into temptation for Zapp, I didnt like how they ended up doing the nasty at the end, Leelas always pissed me off cause shes never gave Fry a chance back in the day and reminds me of a typical BLIND girl who doesn't see how much Fry loves her and hes what she needs BUT Im willing to over look this cause i laughed my ass off and enjoyed the episode, Zapps always funny.
Im just glad to have Futurama back!!!!!!
Looking forward to more NEW stuff :D
I hope Futurama has many more seasons!!!!!

Logan gave 4 points

#28 by Phryrosebdeco23
I am a HUGE Futurama fan, aren't we all? I had overly high expectations. The reasoning for all the raunch I think is because THEY CAN. They were on FOX and now on cable, they can get away with more. Part of this mirrored Star Trek's "The Changeling" with the "v-giny" machine. So *nod* to them for Star Trek. What was with all the flash back stuff? In Rebirth and this one? It's like, just give it to me strait! The gag dragged on a little too long but I loved Zapp in this episode. They do need to define Fry/Leela more. I would like for them to cut down the inuendo/raunch more, that's not why I fell in love with Futurama.

Phryrosebdeco23 gave 3 points

#29 by nanoIam
better than the first one. The humor felt like it was being stretched. for example the faults in the professors spacecraft could of been temporary malfunctions.

nanoIam gave 3 points

#30 by Slurm-o
The second episode were also amazing. Zapp was at top. Also the rest, like Nixon, were great:D Loved the libary joke! But "Rebirth" was a little better. Still... AWESOME!

Slurm-o gave 5 points

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