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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Attack of the Killer App
First aired 07/01/10
Rank: 117/124
Reviews: 223
Rating: 59%

Fry posts an embarrassing video of Leela online.

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#21 by Thrustingthor
Lots of people on IMDB complaining that Futurama has changed. That is total nonsense! Futurama has always had a vast sense of humor, ranging from extremely intelligent to toilet humor. This episode did such an amazing job poking fun at the everyone's "need" for new technology. Classic in every way.

Thrustingthor gave 5 points

#22 by Hoot Hoot
What have they done to Fry's relationship with Leela? Both him and Leela have acted so out of character for the past two episodes. When you've built two characters up and developed their relationship to a serious point, to have them act like this makes everything feel phony. This episode had some good moments, but it wasn't consistent. I couldn't stand the blatant pop culture references - they cheapen the show and really remove that futuristic element. The show in the past would usually employ more subtlety. A lot in this episode didn't feel very original at all, mostly because much of the plot centered on these these horrible and conspicuous pop culture references. This particular episode made me feel like I was watching a completely different show. The characters felt very one dimensional. I just couldn't feel it - probably my least favorite so far of the new season. The movies were fantastic and so too was the season premiere and Futurama doesn't usually disappoint, so I have high hopes for the next few episodes. I give it a 3, because I'm generous and I'll admit that there were some parts of the episode which were quite good, like the Mom scenes and some pretty good one liners.

Hoot Hoot gave 3 points

#23 by avian
First episode of the new season that would feel at home with any of the previous seasons. Absolutely perfect in its timing, jokes per minute (jpm), and overall vibe.

Considering this episode wouldve been written 10 months ago, I think they purposely timed it knowing the june/july iphone cycle. Also the underlying social commentary regarding how pathetic and petty our lust for new gadgets has become is spot on. I think it will be relevant for decades to come, and not age ungracefully as some woud suggest.

I agree the boil/boyle thing couldve been better but at least it didnt take up too much screen time.

This is an episode that gives me hope for futurama's future.

avian gave 5 points

#24 by MovieMurderer
Great jokes but felt more like The Simpsons jokes. But it was better than the previous two which still were decent episodes.

MovieMurderer gave 4 points

#25 by Matteo
The singing boil was lame. What a Family Guy joke...

Other than that, this episode was great!

Matteo gave 5 points

#26 by Lord_Krull
The best episode so far. Had a little bit of everything, except maybe a Zoidberg moment, so this episode gets my first 5!

Lord_Krull gave 5 points

#27 by Zap Zero
Yes, there have been many episodes about social commentary...but...this

It fell sorta flat. I get it, I understand the point they were making- the third world, the 'zombies'.

And after watching Leela 'take one for the team' with Zap in the last ep. Sure Fry may feel different, but this just didn't....feel right.

It was nice to see Flexo again.

Has anyone else noticed Farnsworth's doomsday devices have been shown in every ep.?

Three out of five is almost being too generous.

I'm really suprised that this seems to rank higher than the first two eps. of this new season.

Zap Zero gave 3 points

#28 by Frealp
Waaaaaaay better than the first two episodes, I laughed at most of the jokes although the part with "Susan" was completely stupid, but we'll never hear from her again so I don't really care. All in all, now I feel like the show never left!

Frealp gave 4 points

#29 by Bobby
I agree with everyone that senses something unfuturamaism about the new episodes.

Episode 3 had some funny scenes but many undeveloped ones such as the flexo bit. Furthermore, I really hated how they incorporated modern susan boyle into it.a ait was simply terrible.

I liked how they look at the future of iphones and twitter but it got boring as they kept on repeating the same jokes.
Average episode.

Bobby gave 3 points

#30 by Phryrosebdeco23
This episode was such a relief!! I watched it and I really laughed out loud, I havent laughed at the new Futurama episodes/movies since Hermes said "kiss my front butt!!" in BBS. There was good classic Bender, a good goofy/stupid Fry moment, a few actually! Yeah the commentary got old, but look at "I dated a robot", Napster - Kidnapster, and you know Beck and Bestie Boys, those are our century dated as well. But they still are good! Maybe the writers were sending a message, they are technology smart people, the message/moral of the story is good! Plus - no time travel or flash backs in this episode and they cut down on the raunchy humor. I found the butt boil gross and goofy. I mean they needed to think of something bizarre to embarrass Leela with! She is a mutant after all. The best of the new season. STAY THE COURSE!

Phryrosebdeco23 gave 5 points

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