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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Proposition Infinity
First aired 07/08/10
Rank: 110/124
Reviews: 181
Rating: 68%

Bender leads a campaign to legalize robosexual marriage between humans and robots.

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#21 by 1701
I thought this ep was well written, more like 'classic' Futurama. I loved all the character call-backs, especially the hyper-chicken & tv news team. I also enjoyed that George Takai was on w/o the sole purpose to make a direct Star Trek reference (although his line about Shatner was hilarious), kinda like Nichele Nichols in "Anthology of Interest I."

Initially I didn't care for the quick break up & make up btwn Amy and Kif, but it grew on me after a second viewing w/in the context of the ep.

The subject was topical for the present (2010) and I thought their use of it was appropriate for 3010. I didn't think it was any more preachy then "Bend Her," "Bender Should Not be Allowed on TV," or "Hell is for Other Robots" - and I enjoyed all those eps too.

Overall a good ep.

1701 gave 4 points

#22 by LordNova
The best episode of the season so far. I mean i had my doubts about it but boy am i glad to be proven wrong. Yeah some people didn't like the whole idea of Amy and Kiff breaking up but alls well that ends well :)

LordNova gave 5 points

#23 by Hoot Hoot
This episode had issues with pacing, usually futurama is generally fast paced, but for some reason this episode felt very disjointed - too much exposition, especially in regard to destroying Amy's relationship with Kif, building up one with Bender and then ending that one to return things to normal. The show seems to have lost the feel it once had, which is strange because it was never an issue in the movies. The voice acting still sounds off, and this episode was pretty average in its writing. Favourite gag was cutting Zoidberg open with the diamond. There is still hope, and hopefully they're just getting back into the swing of things, but I was expecting alot more. 3/5

Hoot Hoot gave 3 points

#24 by Barry
Pretty good episode, but not top-shelf. Some great standalone moments, like the Hedonismbot hot dog bit. Pacing was better than in the movies and the first two eps of this season, but nowhere near as good as most of seasons 3-4.

Also, the political message seemed a little bit contrived and forced, and it didn't dovetail in very well with "I Dated a Robot", which took a somewhat more negative view of robosexuality. These eps only work well when it seems like nobody learned their lesson in the end, so that it doesn't feel like you were bludgeoned over the head with the message. Less advocacy, more funny, please!

Barry gave 3 points

#25 by AdrenalinDragon
It was pretty good. There were alot of decent jokes, many more like old Futurama's style, though the episode's ending felt a little rushed with Farnsworth's reasonings, and I'm glad Bender broke up with Amy (I was a little worried it might have continued past the episode). It was nice seeing Roberto and Hyper-Chicken in there, plus Preacherbot came out with some good moments as well. One joke that didn't work too well for me was Hermes' Circusitis, but there were more hits than misses, and this one felt more like Futurama than the previous 2 episodes up to this point. Overall, not perfect, but at least a solid 4/5 from me on the first viewing.

AdrenalinDragon gave 4 points

#26 by Toddmotor
The worst new one so far. A ham-fisted attempt at addressing current day issues. Only laugh to be had was Morbo's "I ALWAYS HATED JIM!"

Toddmotor gave 1 point

#27 by refraction
Turned it off part way through, like the eyephone episode. So terrible, topical plot, everything forced. To make up for their lack of effort to be funny they bring back some nostalgic faces (chicken, roberto etc) and generally make silly one liner quips. Just like all the new season, absolutely terrible.

It makes me sick to my stomach when people say they're nearly back to old futurama, in what sense? There is no story or character depth in these new episodes and why has Fry taken a back seat? Zoidberg, hermes and amy doing work with fry, leela and bender? since when did that happen?

It's like the writers aren't trying to be interesting anymore, rather just sitting around the writing table and thinking of funny jokes and shoving them in there. Having read the plot outlines for the upcoming episodes I am likely to be forced to watch my box set to keep reminding myself that I love futurama.

refraction gave 1 point

#28 by KIm
Worst Episode Ever!...

Well not worst but close..
Leelaa Is slutty, Amy to, I had so hight hopes.

my childhood destroyed by Comedy Central.
and there Money greedy ness, trying to Profit on a show that I use to Love.
i've now watched 4 episodes and yet i have not laughed Once..

But i have cryied. a river that show is a Joke.

A memory destroyed.

I've Watched it, I can't unwatched IT. How i wish i could.

i was looking forward to a show that would take of, on a note that was true to the first 5 seasons but no..
i'm so disappointed in the show.
please Stop the show...

Let it rest in peace, before you make it in to a Frankenstein monster..

Hope you Will Buckle up or you lose a Fan.

but i'm A little dead inside... Please bring back the spark..
My boyish, joy and wonder..

KIm gave 1 point

#29 by Aki
Wonderful episode, filled with great jokes and references. I first thought it would seem out of character, but Amy has always been promiscious, and Bender... well, is Bender. The ending was awesome as well, I was worried Amy and Kif wouldn't get back together.

Aki gave 5 points

#30 by Freako
Not better than attack of the killer app but better than the first two.

Freako gave 4 points

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