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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

That Darn Katz!
First aired 08/05/10
Rank: 106/124
Reviews: 195
Rating: 69%

Earth is invaded by a race of intelligent cats.

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#21 by Rayerama
I loved it. The cat lines were so ummm, catty? I loved it. And nibbler is so durn cute.

Rayerama gave 5 points

#22 by cyber_turnip
I liked it.

It's not one of Futurama's all time greats, but it's a healthy middle-ground episode. Very funny and it addresses the change in relationship between Leela and Nibbler now that she's aware of his intelligence -something I never found satisfactory in Bender's Game. It's also nice to see Amy's degree finally being addressed too.
Add on to that, an unusual pairing of Nibbler and Amy -hell, seeing Nibbler in a non-epic episode like this is unusual in itself, but also add lots of great humour (and one terrible can-can joke that we'll ignore) and a lovely concept involving cats being aliens that came to Ancient Egypt and were worshipped as Gods due to their technology and you've got a good episode on your hands.

@cyber_turnip on Twitter!

cyber_turnip gave 4 points

#23 by Zack
Not as good as the previous three episodes, but much better than the first few for sure.

I was a bit taken aback when Nibbler started speaking to Leela in the club as though she should have no reason to be shocked (hasn't Nibbler wiped the crew's memories whenever that has been discovered previously?) but the potential humor from interactions with him is worth it.

More of a 3.5/5 star rating than a 3.

Zack gave 3 points

#24 by Lord_Krull
And ok episode, not as great as last week, but let's face it, what will beat that in this new season?
I wonder what happens to Amy now that she isn't an intern anymore, hope they wrap that up next episode.

Lord_Krull gave 4 points

#25 by PeteRFNY
This was actually a pretty funny episode...I actually cracked up at the part where the "head cat" stops talking to chew his back foot. If you own a cat you laughed!

The only problem I had with this episode is the terrible continuity issues. Are Fry and Leela a couple? They were last week! What happened...? Are the shows out of order? There was something else that didn't jive with older shows but I forget what that was.

BTW - Nibbler didn't eat the cats because he also found them to be cute (but didn't succumb to the brainwashing). That was my take on it. I could be wrong.

Yes, for those that missed the movies, Nibbler didn't erase their memories in Bender's Big Score so they know he can talk. At least they had ONE consistent continuity.

PeteRFNY gave 4 points

#26 by Craig Fox
Warning, minor SPOILERS ahead....

This episode had some great moments and lines (Kif's dancing and condition the following morning; Amy's admission of drinking but then stating that is wasn't "revelent"; Amy shutting up Wornstrom as he laughed about the world spinning in the wrong direction). Unfortunately, it also had some absolutely awful moments (the cat meowing to summon the saucer; both times cats danced; the "cutesy" talk by the zombified Planet Express crew). An average episode at best, but on the weak side.

Craig Fox gave 3 points

#27 by Jarvio
This was a great episode! I loved it! Finally, we get an Amy episode that doesn't involve the Kif relationship! This is the first time this has ever happened since PYHOMS (which nonetheless is still about a relationship), so yeah, it's about time we had an Amy episode which doesn't involve getting it on with someone! Nice!

The main cat was hillarious I thought, as was Professor Katz. And also, finally, Wornstrom gets his series 6 debut! Was also nice to see the full-length theme intro, first time since Rebirth.

The story was complicated and may take several viewings, but on a whole, this episode was one of my favourites of series 6 so far, and I'm ranking it in 2nd place. Many people were slating this episode before it even aired - well IMO it's turned out great, so lesson here is, don't slate until you see it.

Jarvio gave 5 points

#28 by dudholyhell
it wasn't as bad as some people are saying. it felt for me as a good old one with a sub-story ans great humor. 5/5

dudholyhell gave 5 points

#29 by Ian
Certainly not the show's most memorable, but certainly its most adowable.

Ian gave 3 points

#30 by Mason
This was a decent episode. Had some great laughs. Probably the first time they've ever had an Amy episode that actually mainly focuses on her.

@James "2) Leela and Fry's relationship. Is it a no or a go? Trying to ignore it is not working. It makes the writers look bad. Its also making fans of the show annoyed and angry. If you don't want to address it don't put Fry and Leela in the episode."
Erm what? Do you seriously want every single goddamn appearance of Fry and Leela to have something to do with their relationship? I'm personally glad that they're not overdoing it to shit, because if they did then it'd eventually get annoying and repetitive.

Mason gave 4 points

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