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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Free Will Hunting
First aired 08/08/12
Rank: 104/124
Reviews: 80
Rating: 70%

Bender embarks on a quest for the meaning of life after discovering that as a robot he lacks free will.

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#21 by Rafael X9
Normally, I enjoy the few times co-creator David X. Cohen actually writes an episode (XMAS STORY is one of my favorites by him), but this was probably his weakest script. The idea is interesting, but it really just sums up to a punchline and no substance ("You made me go on a soul searching Journey...I HATE THOSE!!").

-Returning to the Robot Planet.
-Mom's cameo.
-The Robot Monk scene (yea I laugh at those jokes).
-The Return of the Robot Elders.
-The overstuffed first act (which seems more a comment on Fan complaints about story pacing than an actual joke setup; made sense to me).
-Fry stealing Leela's "Go-To" Line: "Oh, Lord."

-Weak writing that doesn't live up to the idea.
-Not enough of Robot Mafia.
-Not enough Zoidberg.


--Leela naked in bed with Fry, hair down. A fantasy now seen...Man, was I smiling hard during that scene!! My face is still sore.

So......average episode.

Rafael X9 gave 3 points

#22 by Lamusiqe13
Where to start? First of all, the first seven minutes were HORRIBLE! It contributed very little to the story, and it wasn't funny at all. Seriously, I didn't laugh at all until the first act was over. The story in the very beginning was also really terrible; the whole thing with him joining college and then a gang could've been replaced by Bender simply robbing a store as usual, and to much better effect. This would've benefited the story tons, because they could extend the good scenes in the second and third act (the invasion of MomCorp seemed particularly rushed). And actually, the second and third act were really, really good. It basically consisted of great gag after great gag (Fry and Leela sleeping with each other was the biggest laugh we got all season), and the story was really interesting. Oh, and it even used slapstick to good effect! That might be a first for Futurama. I was debating between giving this a 3 or a 4, and I probably would've given it a 4 had the first act been so horrible! If you can get through it, you'll be sufficiently entertained, but does it make it worth sitting through the first act? Not quite.

Lamusiqe13 gave 3 points

#23 by Jarvio
It was ok, but certainly not one of the best

Jarvio gave 3 points

#24 by James
Brilliant episode written by one of the brilliant masterminds behind this show. Also, the beginning wasn't pointless, it was showing ways in how he doesn't have free will, the episode wouldn't have been as good without it, and wouldn't have made as much sense.

James gave 5 points

#25 by patrik
Superb episode exploring the problems of free will. Those who enjoy philosophy will love this one!

patrik gave 5 points

#26 by Lollipop
The first act seemed rushed, to make up for it the second act decided to be slow, and somewhere along the lines I just lost interest.

Lollipop gave 2 points

#27 by curtis
surprised at the negative feedback of this one. I loved it!

curtis gave 5 points

#28 by Future
Not a bad episode. Agreed, there were certainly pacing issues, but there were plenty of good moments to balance them out. I actually thought the scene with Fry and Leela in bed together was pretty funny since it was so unexpected. And I'm glad to see some consistent writing with them now, unlike last season where they kept hitting the reset button every episode.

Future gave 4 points

#29 by Mr Snrub
Wow. I really didn't expect this episode to be disliked as much as it is. For me, it's my favourite episode so far this season. It felt like classic futurama to me (I know that's the cliche reason for liking an episode people use when they can't come up with a real reason, but yeah.). It was evenly funny throughout, Leela falling asleep at the courtroom was especially hilarious to me, for some reason, it had some fanservice, the plot was good in my opinion, and I enjoyed the callbacks.

I think the people complaining that the first 5 minutes was too crowded might have been missing the point. Bender was supposed to have the most ridiculously bizarre day ever, to emphasize the point that no matter what he does, it's all pointless. (as evidenced by Fry's (Or Hermes', I forget) line, 'that was quite a day!' which made me laugh). There were some parts that dragged, the bit with the robot elders seemed purely to be a "heh, remember THESE guys?!?!?!?!" moment, and it wasn't really funny. But I did like them going back to that planet in general, as it made sense for the story. Also, does anyone else feel a bit of weight lift off of their shoulders when the crew actually makes a delivery? I don't know if I actually care that much, or I just care that everyone complains about it. In any case, I felt happy after that bit.

I also loved the bit where they were searching through Mom's labs. In my opinion, there need to be more stories that focus purely on the relationship and chemistry of the trio of Fry, Leela and Bender, so I always love it when those three get their moment.

Mr Snrub gave 5 points

#30 by turkinaa
Good episode. Good premise, but execution was hit or miss. What bothers me the most about this episode is that Bender has always operated outside his programming, yet this episode has it as a restriction.

turkinaa gave 4 points

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