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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles
First aired 03/30/03
Rank: 8/124
Reviews: 353
Rating: 92%

When Fry and the Planet Express gang realize that at 161 years old, the Professor has become too crotchety to handle, they decide he needs to be "youth-a-sized".

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#301 by miniwho
futurama!this episode is more like superama!everything was best part was this:
Driver:hey grampa!move your wrinkly old keister!
Proffesor:(5 seconds later)shut up!
Leela:proffesor,this ship can go 900000 light speed,why are we going 30mph?
Proffesor:because were in a hurry thats why!i'm stopping off for a coffee(or something like that)
Fry:but i thought we were looking for pazuzu!
Proffesor:my wha?
this episode was great.the crew in their younger forms.bender's rebellious yet childish persona.leela jerking the hovercraft away from fry when he tried to get lucky,the proffesors crazy antics,and the best plot since the farnsworth parabox.this episode definetly needs to be remembered.5.9 points

miniwho gave 5 points

#302 by Jack
Seeing Bender as a teen/child/toddler/box/disc was histerical i give this episode 10 stars

Jack gave 5 points

#303 by Bee
I haven't seen this episode yet but i'm seeing it tommorrow. It looks hilarious!

Bee gave 5 points

#304 by U. Don't Juanano
Yesterday night was the first time I saw the whole thing. It was so funny! I don't know what was cuter, Young Fry holding Zoidburg, or Bender before he was in the box.

U. Don't Juanano gave 5 points

#305 by Stephen
One of the best (if not the best) episode of Futurama. 5/5 You'll laugh your head off every time you see it. If you only watch one episode of Futurama your whole life, this is the one to watch! (Well this and maybe the first episode, other wise it could be confusing)

Stephen gave 5 points

#306 by BenderCrackCorn
Oh, God, what a side-splitting episode. Absolutely, 100% comic gold from start to finish. Hpw can you say no to this episode with quotes like;
"Unless you're treated soon, the only way to restore you to your true age would be for you to grow into it- JUST AS GOD INTENDED!..."
"You can stop winning now. We've won."
"you stink! Heeheeheeheeheehee..."

You've gotta love those, or you're just NOT human.

(What are you, from Omicron Persei 8?" :)

BenderCrackCorn gave 5 points

#307 by Sagi
Probably the last truly great Futurama episode, the writers did just about everything right:

They got a good basic idea ("Let's get everybody young!") but, and that's an important but, they didn't leave it at that.

They worked with it.

So what we got at the end was a strong, dynamic main plot, a substantial subplot tying in, with lots of things happening all around while mantaining a logical structure and a coherent narrative.

Why don't we get more of these?!

Sagi gave 5 points

#308 by Brian
Seems to me to be kinda slow and boring

Brian gave 1 point

#309 by one bending robot
loved this episode, zoidberg in his larval stages was hilarious, the prof talking about how god intends to get older, benders conversation about leaving, it was all too good anyone that disagrees is not human!!!

one bending robot gave 5 points

#310 by
funny ringtones gave 3 points

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