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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Pharaoh To Remember
First aired 03/10/02
Rank: 115/124
Reviews: 394
Rating: 65%

After delivering an enormous sandstone to Osiris 4, Fry, Leela and Bender are forced to work as slaves assisting the construction of the great Pharaoh Hamenthotep's tomb -- a pyramid.

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#351 by jaydog
Easily one of the most underrated episodes. I'm giving his a 5 instead of a 4 to try to offset some of the other insanely low ratings. Bender's fake funeral was great and the pharaoh and his pets song was funny, esp. when they push him down the hole.

jaydog gave 5 points

#352 by yakuzammar
I agree with 'jaydog'. I would rate this a 4, but I'm giving it a 5 to try to raise that 64% rating. Way lower than it should be, this episode is f'n funny.

yakuzammar gave 5 points

#353 by brandon
this was one of my fav i cant belive the ratings it got wow

brandon gave 5 points

#354 by chance
Agreed, Some people may need to watch it twice to see it is a pretty good episode, loved the Elton jon gag

chance gave 5 points

#355 by fry14
great episode. loved the funeral scene and fry'a comments in the second half..."I think I know who the next pharoah is"

also the comentary is great on the dvd

fry14 gave 5 points

#356 by Flexo
One of my favourite episodes and its cool because there's loads of funniness, such as when amy said, "I know whos funeral we'll be attending next", and then proffesor says, "oh,stop!"

Flexo gave 5 points

#357 by Futurama & Egypt fan
This episode was great, especially if you know the history behind it! (The ancient Egyptians did not use slaves to build the pyramids, all monuments in Egypt were built by free, paid workers.) When Bender is talking about who he remembers, the statue names are composite: "Anopsis" probably from "Ahmose" and "Thutmosis". "Cleotut" from "Cleopatra" and "Tutankhamun-heqayunushema Nebkheperura". "Whats'isname" can be whoever you want though I tend to think it's Pentaweret. (Who? Exactly!) The guards with dog heads are supposed to be Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of mummification. The high priest and his other bird headed priests are similar to Tehuty, the god of wisdom, writing, science, and knowledge. When they fist arrive on Osiris 4 and the guy has to sign for the stone block, his name is "Sanen". The bird for "sa" and each wave is "n". The name "Osiris 4" comes rrom the god Osiris, who in Egyptian mythology was a good king of Egypt. Osiris was murdered by his jealous brother Set. Osiris's wife, the goddess Isis went to hide in northern Egypt with her son Horus. When Horus grew up he defeated Set and became the pharaoh as was his right. Osiris became the king of "Ta ni swt" the aancient Egyptian equivalent of heaven. When Bender orders his statue to be 1 billion cubits in height, a cubit is about the length of your forearm. That's about all I could find, enjoy the episode!

Futurama & Egypt fan gave 5 points

#358 by Harpoon12
Personally i loved this episode. i liked how they took the Conspirocy of ancients egypt and aliens and made it into an episode that works well. Loved it.

Harpoon12 gave 5 points

#359 by Killer_Queen
I too agree with Jaydog. This is an underrated episode. This episode, War is the H-word, and Anthology of Interest 2 are my favorite episodes.

Killer_Queen gave 5 points

#360 by D

D gave 1 point

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