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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Where the Buggalo Roam
First aired 03/03/02
Rank: 102/124
Reviews: 158
Rating: 71%

Amy brings her most recent boyfriend, Kif, home to meet the family. When an entire herd of the Wongs' buggalo suddenly disappear, Kif offers to go after the rustlers.

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DEANSALIM gave 5 points

#32 by chrisfromneowhere
Some great zoidberg lines! Zapp had some nice lines too.. and the whole thing "the face of mars... the only known entrance to the sacred land" "what about the sacred ass of mars?" "well yeah, but that's way on the other side of the planet"

chrisfromneowhere gave 5 points

#33 by TEPLEX
Nice episode. Not the best one but really funny!

TEPLEX gave 4 points

#34 by Heath

Heath gave 1 point

#35 by duffman of the futre
Great much better than 'LEELA'S HOMEWORLD'

Zoidberg was hillarious!! best lines---
Bender: Damn you old man &
Zap: i'm the man with no name - ZAPP BRANIGAN!!!

duffman of the futre gave 5 points

#36 by Otis P Jivefunk
A below average episode, nowhere near as good as “Leela’s Homeworld”, that doesn’t mean the show is going down in quality though because this episode is a lot older. It had too many stupid lines and Zoidberg pretending to be part of the Wongs family got annoying. It relied heavily on the minor characters, which I guess is good every now and then, but it just didn’t seem special. My feeling after one viewing is meh, it’s still a good episode but considering this is Futurama it should have been better. I found Amy’s parents started to get annoying too, they’re best in small amounts. I also thought that the scene with them in the eye of the storm seemed long and dragged out.

Anyway, onto the good points, I really liked some of the visuals of Mars, we got to see more of the desolate, deserted Mars than we did in “Mars University”. I’ve always liked Kif, and, as usual he was pretty good in this episode. Maybe he was in it a bit too much but he was still cool, the smoking stuff was cool too. Zapp, although hardly in it had the best lines of the episode, pure gold. It was cool that the Buggalo weren’t thought up solely for this episode, we saw them as far back as the second episode “The Series Has Landed” at the farm on the Moon, but didn’t really now anything about them back then. It’s little touches like these that show how much thought has gone into the show, and makes it more enjoyable. Overall it had some good stuff, but not up to the quality I’m used to, it may get better when I watch it more, just like “Mars University”did.

Otis P Jivefunk gave 3 points

#37 by Mike
I wasn't expecting to see this one for a few weeks, but thanks to the wonders of my university Hall of Residence's common room, I was lucky enough to be able to catch the UK première (although I missed the first few minutes). After seeing the low percentage this episode got in the reviews, coupled with the facts that I haven't really enjoyed season four so far, and I don't like westerns, I wasn't expecting much from 'Where The Buggalo Roam'. Thankfully, I was proved wrong. OK, so it wasn't as great as a lot of earlier episodes, and it's far from being in my Top Ten, but this is easily the best season four episode so far.

I've always been a fan of Zapp and Kif, and although the fact that the Zapper wasn't in it much meant that the classic chemistry between the two was missing, they still had some good lines individually. I was disappointed that Zapp didn't make any reference to the time he and Leela 'met', though - they're always funny.

Kif's meekness throughout the episode was great, and seeing him dressed up in cowboy gear for the first time - and asking Mrs Wong for a neckerchief - was hilarious. Although Zoidberg's recurring joke may have been used too often, I thought he was more bearable in this episode than he's been in a while. He was certainly better here than in 'Roswell That Ends Well', and he had the episode's best line - 'I've fertilised your caviar for you..' Another funny bit in the barbeque scene was Fry's reaction to being offered salad to go with his BBQ beetle.

The Wongs were good too, especially Amy's dad's hilariously hypocritical line about the native Martians' bad grammar. Oh, and I also laughed at Bender's line about Kif having another pretty, rich girl fall in love with him. Fry's 'where?' lines were funny, in a stupid kind of way, too.

The storyline itself wasn't that amazing, and I didn't really like the native Martians and the huge diamond parts (although the peace pipe and the 'land schmand' bits got a chuckle), but overall, a slightly above average episode. 3.5/5, or, to round it up and be nice, 4.

Mike gave 4 points

#38 by Fry/Flexo Fan
This episode was pretty good, but I've seen better. Yeah, Amy's one of the show's best characters, and I enjoy episodes that give her a lot of spotlight, but otherwise this was a rather routine story, with too little imput from Fry. Amy's parents actually steal the show; they spout some of the funniest lines, particularly Amy's mother, and the sort-of subplot with Dr Zoidberg was funny. Hermes got a pretty good joke here too, and Zapp was great in this episode - " give me too little credit."
Above all, not a bad episode, but I personnally don't feel that this has the potential to be a classic, despite having a lot of Amy in it.

Fry/Flexo Fan gave 3 points

#39 by fu

fu gave 5 points

#40 by Heliotrope
This episode was good, not one of my favourites though, which is surprising since i usually love any episode with Zapp and Kif in it.
I was laughing out loud at Benders song, now if only i could remember the god dammed words....

"I'm the man with no name...Zapp Brannigan!"

"I am singing wind {?} leader of the Martion tribe"
"Take me to your leader"
"...Moving along"

Heliotrope gave 4 points

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