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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Leela's Homeworld
First aired 02/17/02
Rank: 78/124
Reviews: 259
Rating: 80%

Bender and Professor Farnsworth decipher something far more rewarding for Leela, as Fry helps her discover some long-lost secrets about her background, including what happened to her parents.

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#31 by The Wonginator
Am I the ONLY fan creeped out by the final shot? Leela's parents live in her WALLS. They don't talk to her, but they come out at night and stroke her head. That's SICK. (I'm assuming they've sedated Nibbler somehow; he'd chew 'em up in a second if they tried to lay a tentacle on her. Where IS he, anyway?) The only way the final shot could be worse is if it takes place AFTER the grand revelation, and they're still monitoring her life from the grates. Clue up, Leela's parents: cell phones. That way your daughter doesn't have to worry about Mom and Dad watching her while she's on the crapper or making another genital-related mistake like Fry/Zap/Kevin/Bryan/Scruffy/whomever. You give your adult daughter less privacy than an infant has.

The Wonginator gave 2 points

#32 by TomDaTom
the most interesting thing in this episode is that song at the very end..
Please e-mail me, if you know informations about that song!! ..PLEASE!!! ..

thanxx so far..

TomDaTom gave 4 points

#33 by ventolin
I dont know whats wrong with you ppl! This ep was incredible! It had great story and great jokes. I almost teared up there near the end. On a side note, it is true that this episode sould have been saved for one of the last ones. But then again, maybe Mr. Groenig is taking into consideration that the show is sadly being cancelled...

ventolin gave 5 points

#34 by blah
y does everyone keep asking the name of the's already been posted 3 times

blah gave 4 points

#35 by tome
Ouch, this episode needs some praise to get it's percentage up. I thought it was great and didn't have to be funny, just informative. We needed a revealing episode like this, especially after the future of this show being under jeopardy. I still liked it, even though many of you didn't.

tome gave 5 points

#36 by bunnibutcher
Loved the episode! Touching and funny, like a chic flick! I really need to get the name of the song and artist at the end though- please e-mail me if you know!!!!

bunnibutcher gave 4 points

#37 by Lisa
I liked it. I like Leela even though a lot of people don't, and I like the idea of her not being some exotic alien but rather a lowly mutant. That grounds her character more. And I'm a Leela/Fry shipper too, so I loved the cute look on Fry's face at the end :)
It wasn't very funny though, I agree with that. Except for Bender and his waste disposal business.

Lisa gave 4 points

#38 by Ming
I think this episode was nearly a peer of "luck of Fryish". A really touching ending, and really good story.

Ming gave 5 points

#39 by Media-matic
OK, I saw this on it's original airing, then immediately watched it again. This is how I avoid the painful experience known as King of the Hill. Then, I found the song played at the end (Pizzicato 5) in usenet. I got more hooked on the song (it had lingered in my head after two viewings) and ended up watching the ep a couple more times.
Now I am ready to pass judgement. Yes, it would have been nice if the parent-origin foreshadowing wasn't dropped into the ep so early as the end of the first act. Fine, so what. No real damage done. Personally, I liked how the sub-plots were woven once Fry/Leela got separated. The professor's machine is a gas. Especially the 'ding' part. Bender's Honest Waste Disposal was a gas. C'mon. Who can't bust a gut when he stuffs the whale down the sewer? I feel the entire episode leads up to the emotional video montage at the end with Pizzicato 5. That tugs at me every time I see it. Overall, this ain't the funniest ep, but who cares. It has so much more to offer.
I must admit that I am becoming EXTREMEMY biased because a few weeks ago, I started a 'complete series marathon'. I am almost done and my opinion of the show has changed entirely. At first, I thought of it merely as my favorite show still on the air. Now, I can hardly stand the thought of it's impending doom at the hands of FOX. It is THE BEST television to come out of the mill in many years. The only thing more original than Futurama was the live-action Tick. The only thought I have to console me is 'at least Daria got to run for 5 seasons of excellence, so I'll enjoy every seconds of Futurama that gets produced'. Futurama is a fantastic show. It works on so many levels. Geek humor. Modern (aka, not tired like the Simpsons) humor. Science-fiction reference/tribute heaven. Video game reference/tribute heaven. I connect with this show on a deep personal level. And so do millions of others. I have grown to love the 'non-favored' characters more. I'm telling you, one notices so much more when watching every episode, in sequence, in a month. If you have 'em. Do it. If not, get them and do it. You will thank yourself for basking in David X. Cohen's efforts rather than drivel such as 'The Glutton Bowl'.
... reaching ramble-on limit...
... signing off....

Media-matic gave 4 points

#40 by sn0wcat
Great episode :)

sn0wcat gave 5 points

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