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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Three Hundred Big Boys
First aired 06/15/03
Rank: 58/124
Reviews: 515
Rating: 83%

After the latest victory, President Nixon distributes the silken spoils of war as a $300 tax rebate.

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#31 by VincentX
Sorry, I didn't like this episode.
Seemed to be building too many stories at once, got kinda hard to keep track of what character was doing what with which.
It might have been better off if each of those stories had their own episodes to focus on. But what can you do?

I gave it a 2...I would have given it a 1, but there were some scenes that were kinda funny.

VincentX gave 2 points

#32 by Natt in the hat
Great episode.

I didn't read all the reveiws yet, but did anyone notice that this week FOX didn't have Homer say "D'oh" before futurama came on?

Natt in the hat gave 5 points

#33 by Tele-Toby
The inter-connection of the plots reminded me of the Simpsons' episode "22 Short Films About Springfield".

Overall, there was the sense that it was all coming up just a little bit short, as if everything was a bit incomplete. And this feeling kicked right in with the opening - I expected some sort of punchline headline to follow up "Voted The Best"... the best what?

And that sense of incompletion ran right to the very end in that we never did get Bender's sense of closure for Fry. What happened to that orange blur of a guy anyway?

Maybe it's because he died this week, but I couldn't help but think of David Brinkley's sour puss when watching Morbo having his tie fussed over by Mrs. Morbo.

It was nice to see Mom's 3 stoog- er, sons, and the kids from the Orphanarium again.

Great moments of animation that stood out included the shot of the whale biologist with the audience background - very detached, very cool.

I liked the talking tattoo, but will we ever see that again if Amy goes sleeveless?

Zoidberg's story was most affecting and the most human. I also got the sense of "been there done that" with the Professor going young after being so happy to be even older just a few episodes ago.

And finally, what WAS that being chased in the video line conduit?

Tele-Toby gave 3 points

#34 by naysayer
By far the worst episode I've seen (and I've seen all of them). I'm really surprised that the rest of you liked this one.

naysayer gave 2 points

#35 by Kevin
Good one. I liked it more than the Sting. It had some little bits thrown in for the precious shippers, but it stuck more to humor. Good. Hopefully more episodes can do so... other than the final episode they look like they're aimed more at humor then romance from here on in, but most are also highly Bender heavy ones, so thats up in the air.

Kevin gave 5 points

#36 by Johnny Sasaki
A lot of good jokes, normally enough to warrant a five. Unfortunately, the episode tried to do too much. For example, the Conrad family was nice to see, but didn't add anything to the episode. The totally pointless nudity was a nice touch.
I must know the story of the whale biologist!

Johnny Sasaki gave 4 points

#37 by Alex
I liked it. Fry was really funny.

Alex gave 5 points

#38 by max300
i love scruffy's new haircut.

max300 gave 5 points

#39 by h-s-Assassin
It was a good episode overall but not one of Futurama's finest episodes but still pretty good.

It was kinda stupid how Fry saved everyone.

h-s-Assassin gave 5 points

#40 by DuPont24
The ending was awesome. Although Kif and Amy's involvement in it was not all that funny. As a diehard futurama fan, there isn't much that they could do in futurama that i wouldn't like.

DuPont24 gave 5 points

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