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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Attack of the Killer App
First aired 07/01/10
Rank: 117/124
Reviews: 223
Rating: 59%

Fry posts an embarrassing video of Leela online.

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#31 by Pablo Hills
This episode wa strange, unconventional, and a bit unorthodox. WHilst there was the occasional good joke in there, the traditional futurama feel to the episodes has been lost. IT felt like it was trying too hard to connect with today's society, forgetting that it is a show based 1000 years in the future. Whilst it wasn't bad, I hope the rest of the new episodes reignite the old futurama flame that we all miss.

Pablo Hills gave 3 points

#32 by Terranigma
What the hell with futurama? It seems to me that Futurama now is the same that Family Guy or something like that. It's fine but the old futurama was Amazing.

Terranigma gave 3 points

#33 by Flexo is not Bender
Susan Boyle in Leela's butt.

Flexo is not Bender gave 1 point

#34 by Stoney
I think this episode along with the other episodes are quite good. I must agree that episode 2 was a bit under par but I beleive that this is due to the fact that I have been anxiously waiting for episodes ever since they announced they´d be back.... baby.

I think peoples anticipation of futurama has put the episodes on a level that would be very hard to reach to satisfy the very hungry audience. I think as soon as we are used to having futurama back we will all be very happy with what is shown.

People complain about these episodes but these three episodes are still a hell of alot better the most of the crap on TV and I for one am Happy that this show is finally back... baby.

Stoney gave 4 points

#35 by Tillo
I think this is so far the best episode of the 6th season.

Tillo gave 4 points

#36 by LorenzoDuke
I'll post the same impressions here that I did over on Peelified.

Absolute crap. Hated it. The goat thing wasn't funny in the least, just grossness for grossness sake. The Boil thing was possibly the stupidest thing I've ever seen in a Futurama. The first act was decent, but thats about all I can say.

People are comparing it to Family Guy because it was like Family Guy. End of story.

I'm sorry, but the 2 people who thought this was a 10 out of 10 Futurama episode must be out of their minds.

I'll give the next couple of episodes a shot, but it's getting to the point I'd rather just put in a DVD of the old show and abandon this mess.

Oh yeah, and Mom's creative use of profanity in the old series? Funny. Saying 'you bastard' 10 times in an episode? Not so much.

LorenzoDuke gave 1 point

#37 by AdrenalinDragon
The episode had a good amount of jokes, though some misses at the same time too, but overall I thought the Iphone and Twitter future parodies were very good in the first half. However, the episode went way downhill after the Susan Boil "Leela" part, enough for me to drop the rating down to 3 points. I was like "Oh no they didn't!?" when that part came up! Seriously? That's the best they could think of for an embarrassing Leela video?

It's not the Fry and Leela relationship putting me off, as I'm used to that happening way back in the original run, but seriously that Boil thing was one of the worst things I've ever seen done on this show! This is not Family Guy or South Park, it's Futurama! Please keep it that way!

AdrenalinDragon gave 3 points

#38 by Mike
Some of the reviewers here are talking about how they don't like the 'pop culture' references. Seems they need to remember that season one referenced the movie 'Armageddon' in 'A Big Piece of Garbage' and 'Ally McBeal' in 'When Aliens Attack'. Then there was 'A Flight to Remember'. Gee, no cultural references there, just the highest grossing film of all time!

Futurama has used current pop culture in many a great ep.

Mike gave 5 points

#39 by cyber_turnip
I'm not one to use flippant hyperbole at all, so when I say 'WORST. EPISODE. EVER' I mean it.
There are a handful of jokes that work, but it's by far the least funny thing Futurama have ever produced.
Add onto that, the God-awful plot. It plays out like part 1 of a 2 part episode but we're not getting part 2. There's absolutely no conclusion to about 4 things, some of which will mess with continuity. It actually gets quite interesting, and then it just ends without any sort of resolution.
I really, really, really hope the rest of the season picks up.

cyber_turnip gave 1 point

#40 by JSR
I don't see how Futurama is "turning into Family Guy" after this episode. I thought the episode was brilliantly written, extremely funny, and a beautiful fit with the original 72 episodes. Hell, I even thought the Susan Boil joke was funny. The episode also did a very good gob of explaining the current status of the Fry-Leela relationship. Good news everyone: Futurama's BACK!!!!!

JSR gave 5 points

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