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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Jurassic Bark
First aired 11/17/02
Rank: 15/124
Reviews: 1477
Rating: 91%

Bender gets jealous when it looks like cloning will reunite Fry with his dog from the 20th century.

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#461 by Rob
Wow, I only caught the last 10 or 15 minutes but what a great episode.. so sad.. especially because not long ago I was reading stories about dogs that actually do stuff like this.. waiting at its owners work for years because the owner died.. The most recent was about a girl who got hit by a car on the way home from school, the dog always waited at the bus stop for her.. and it keeps going every day and just waits there for hours, then when she never comes the dog goes home but then goes right back the next day and waits.

I must go and pet my dog right now

Rob gave 5 points

#462 by ALex
Oh man, i've nevr bawled so much. I like older simpsons episodes cuase they were well writtenand it dealt with the family not just craziness. This episdoe did just that it was so beautifully written. Classic futurama humor but with such great writingand the end was so sad when the dog jsut laid down and died. Writing like this shouldn't have been canceled

ALex gave 5 points

#463 by Frytrix Lord
What the hell is so special about this episode? How did it get nominated for an award? It's not that great, so Fry left a dog in the past so what, just an excuse to show clips from previous episodes, and confuse the audience of how Fry really got frozen, I don't remember a dog in the pilot episode? I expected more from this episode. On a lighter note I did like frys' ritual dance and the pimp in amber.

Frytrix Lord gave 2 points

#464 by TR
I finally saw this episode in full. It was so loved I want to love it too. I do like it fairly well, but I want to state some problems I had first.

First it's version of the events of the pilot is different than the pilot itself I think. This isn't bad, but I think that's caused confusion where people think things were in the pilot when they were not. Which could also be okay except the insistence of "did you see so and so in the pilot, watch for it" Being told to watch for things not there can be a bit annoying.

Also this episode has Fry's parents way more moronic than is believable even for them. They grab the dog at Cryogenics, but don't see Philip. How is this possible? Do they have some bizarre eye condition that makes them lack peripheral vision?

Third I'd agree the Leela/Amy fight thing was goofy.

Okay now what I liked. Seeing it in full Bender's actions make more sense to me. He was still mean, but constantly being told you aren't liked as well as a dead dog can be irritating even for a good person. And goodness certainly has nothing to do with Bender.

Also there was some funny stuff about archaeologists. As well as the ending which was very moving. Originally I just saw the ending and it was about the saddest thing I ever saw. I never cry at TV or film, and I didn't cry with this either I'll admit. It's not a macho thing, I just don't relate to TV characters like I would to real people. Still it was effective and succeeded at making me wish he'd cloned the loveable mutt.

Which is the other thing. The dog was a good character. Judging by this episode the dog was by far the smartest member of the Fry family during its 15 years. Well assuming Philip's nephew was mostly a kid in those years. Also the dog and Fry's interactions were funny and poignant at the same time. The line I missed the first time that I liked a good deal was "You don't judge me like those other dogs." Mostly because it was a nice send up of the idea dogs are all so sweet and loyal.

Hmm I ran off at the mouth a bit. Ahh well as I've already went longanyway.
Check out Issue 70 of

TR gave 4 points

#465 by Rancor
I'm man enough to say i cried like a baby after that poor dog waited for Fry for twelve years, then laid down and died after finally giving up hope. A beautifully written episode

Rancor gave 5 points

#466 by evilqueen
This episode made me cry for like an hour. Its so good and sad. Jurassic Bark is why I am on this site as well. I too just typed futurama in google to see what would happen. What was the song they played at the end? It totally served the purpous of wrenching any tears you tried to hold back right from your eyes. Does anyone know the name of the song?

evilqueen gave 5 points

#467 by Chochi
I couldn't believe how moving that episode was. I also can't believe that it made me cry.

Chochi gave 5 points

#468 by Saintrandall
In the name of God, who in the Futurama writing room thought it would be a good idea to do the cartoon equivalent of "Old Yeller"? I have a couple of problems with this episode, the first of which is that just off the top of my head I can think of two episodes where this territory had already been covered. In season one, “ A fishfull of dollars”, Fry is forced to confront and deal with the fact that the earth he knew was gone forever. In season two with ‘Luck of the Fryrish”, Fry has to confront the mortality and loss of the family he left behind when he was frozen. It also employed the same running flashbacks throughout the episode. But now, just in case we didn’t get the whole “Fry lost everything he knew and had in the past” thing, they break out his pet dog to pull on our heartstrings? We get it already, now make with the funny. People watch shows like Futurama to laugh, not to be reminded of the temporary nature of our existence.

This was simply an emotionally manipulative story that used the most contrived of plot lines: a loyal dog left behind that eventually dies. Of course the episode was moving, I’ll admit I came away from that last scene feeling like I had been punched in the stomach – which is just the feeling we all want from watching Futurama right? But it was moving in a manufactured “connect the dots” type of way. The Lassie franchise was using this schtick for decades. I hate to say it, but in a way the unorginality of this episode provided some closure for me on the cancelling of Futurama. This is because it showed me that the writers of the show had either run out of new ideas or were taking the show’s story lines in a maudlin direction that I do not care to follow. Rest in peace Seymour and rest in peace Futurama. I wish it could have ended differently.

Saintrandall gave 2 points

#469 by FlapJack409
I just saw this episode last night for the first time and it's kept me thinking about it all night and day. I'll admit, like much of the feedback people left above, that I cried off and on for hours after this episode.It's such a sad episode but in a good way. I don't know how they did it but they somehow made an episode where nearly everyone watching had such an emotional reaction in which tears build up in their eyes, or poured out. I don't think there has ever been a cartoon that made me cry like this one did. Fry thinks his dog Seymore forgot him in it's remaining 12 years while he's frozen so he doesn't clone Seymore, but in the end it shows the dog waiting outside the pizzaria for Fry for 12 years until he rests his head and dies. I don't think anyone could have written this episode as great as the good people from Futurama. Shows why we call dogs a mans best friend. It just sucks that I'll have to wait so long until the DVD set of Futurama with this on is released.
Definatelly worth 5 points plus.

FlapJack409 gave 5 points

#470 by Scott O
Thanks to the Cartoon Network I have finally seen the much talked about 'Jurassic Bark'. This could quite possibly be the best episode, ever. 'The Luck of The Fryish' ranked number one in my book up until now. That ranking is now in question.

I will also say that I didn't cry until my girlfriend started to cry. She thought of her long ago passed away dog Smudgie, and I couldn't help myself. I woke up this morning and it was all I could think of. Bravo!

Scott O gave 5 points

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