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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Anthology of Interest 1
First aired 05/21/00
Rank: 23/124
Reviews: 207
Rating: 90%

Bender is 500 feet tall, Leela goes on a murder spree, and Fry never gets frozen in three what-if scenarios.

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#41 by walter
the bender story was quite stupid without the part without zoidberg. the story with leela was very good. the part with the boots was nice. and we first saw scruffy the janitor. the third story was the best and al gore was very good in his "base" a.k.a school bus

walter gave 5 points

#42 by Cat25
I love it.Fry,leela,and Bender was GREAT!!! I give it 10,0000!!!

Cat25 gave 5 points

#43 by JH the DUELIST
Great fresh episode. It kinda reminds me of the Simpons Treehouse of Horror (The only difference is that TOH gets worse every year.)

The Bender sequence is funny and is tragic but like Bender says "Tragedy now that's funny".

Leela's story is murder :P. Its awesome to see her kill everyone and have sex with Fry.

Fry's story was funny and brought Al Gore and Stephen Hawkings and the other nerds was great. Hopefully if Futurama isn't cancelled then they make AOI III.

JH the DUELIST gave 5 points

#44 by The Amazing Ranbo
It was so funny here's how I like the acts the way they appear.
Bender's: I laughed my head off the whole playing around scene when the army came in was so funny(Zapp cameo) but if Bender killed Hanson he ain't all bad. The fight scene with Zoidburg was hilarious with Bender that stadium & try to boil him but Zoidburg fought back chomping Bender's legs with his claws hahahahahahahahahahaha.
Leela's:This one make's murdering funny. First Farnsworth in the lab, how body was disposed: carnivorus ant eaters. Next Hermes in the main area, how body was disposed: garbage disposal you can see Leela holding what's left of his arm in the sink. After that Bender in the kitchen, how body was disposed: rebuilt as a cart(Beep Beep). Then Amy in the main area (again), how body was dispose: inside a grandfather's clock. Second to last Scruffy , Cubert, & Nibbler in the area where Zoidburg was trying to expose the murderer, how the bodies was diposed: they weren't they were just left there on the couch all with knives stabbed in to them. Finaly Zoidburg in the area where he was trying to expose the murderer, how the body was disposed: Leela ate him. I was so hilarous ending.
Fry's: The one that defies the time space continium. The it so funny how Fry meerly bumped his head on the freezer thing was funny but it become wierd when after telling Stephen Hawking he's get kidnapped by Hawking, Al Gore, Gary Gygax(creator of Dungeons & Dragons), & Nichele Nicolas(Uhora) was funny, what really cracked me up when the Action Rangers headquaters was a school bus, then the ending where Gary gives Fry a mace to protect him from Bender but then Fry smashes the cryogenic freezer then the universe blew up only leaving the 5 of them to play dungeons & dragons for eturnity.

The Amazing Ranbo gave 5 points

#45 by Fry
Leela's wanting to kill evryone was fuuny. Tor's mama is a bitch and Juliet is gay, and all the others are no good bitches who will die a slow and horrible death and'll go to hell.Fuck my sister Amanda.

Fry rates 5 points.

Fry gave 5 points

#46 by gs68
One of my more favorite episodes. I like Leela's "what if?" stor--
*lights off*
*lights on*
*is dead*

gs68 gave 5 points

#47 by GilmourWaters
"Friends! Help! A guinea-pig tricked me!"
"Anteater number 1, who are you protecting? Is it anteater number 2?"
"What? How do you spell that?"
This episode can be summed up with a Fry quote: "I reeeeeally like it!"

GilmourWaters gave 5 points

#48 by Amber
Bwahaha, great episode. I especially loved Gary Gygax offering Fry his mace +1. I miss playing D&D. :(

Amber gave 5 points

#49 by bond
Worth some laughs.

bond gave 5 points

#50 by tommy m
the first segment gave a loving tribeut to godzilla.then a so-so refrence to refrence in # three but when niciles is first seen you can see the earth starting to fall apart.

tommy m gave 5 points

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