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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 03/17/02
Rank: 21/124
Reviews: 309
Rating: 90%

When Bender is accidentally swept away into a space vacuum, he becomes spiritually inclined and makes some devastating decisions.

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#41 by Ben
Wow, what a great episode. Classic moments include Bender destroying the piano, Fry in the mountain climing store, and Leela's great line, "This is, by a wide margin, the least likely thing that has ever happened."

There were really, no weak parts to speak of, and I liked the fact that they showed the Planet Express Ship as capable of defending itself.

Fantastic episode, and a great turnaround from last week's lame duck.

Ben gave 5 points

#42 by SRM
This was a really great and deep episode. I was surprised by its simplicity yet thoughtful theme. This epsiode was top-notch!

Save Futurama! Sign the petition! Tell Fox to keep Futurama. If they want to dump something they can dump King of the Hill and Malcolm!

SRM gave 5 points

#43 by Grouff
I loved this episode! Ten times better then the last one, wich I hated.

Grouff gave 5 points

#44 by Marc
Say, this is the second ep with
nuclear Bombs involved this season,
do you think Matt wants give a
special message to us ? And the
Benderplot - do i sense a light
critic on Americas politics ??!
In any case, this was rather
political, than religious...


Marc gave 5 points

#45 by cybr

cybr gave 5 points

#46 by emmerse
This episode is great. But personally, I dont think making fun of God is the right thing to do.

emmerse gave 4 points

#47 by Teral
This episode holds up very well even after repeated viewing. Very solid work.

Compared to Faraoh this episode was a big improvement. Bender was Bender. Lazy, selfish, alcoholic and yet with the soft side we know he has (even though he would never admit it). Benders travel through space was nice (and with some great visuals). The carving of the Voyager (or is it Pioneer?) picture, complete with Benders personal touch, was a way better show of Benders love for himself than anything last week. The Shrimpies was a great idea (if a bit remiscent of a THOH ep.) and Benders godship was hillarious. The commandment was great, if predictable. "God Needs Booze" indeed. And all Benders "miracles", pure fun. "That was a practice-miracle." "When you're writing the Bible you might wanna omit that last miracle." The reast of the Shrimpies part was equally good. Great stuff.

Fry and Leela's part of this was pretty solid too. Fry's search for a way to contact Bender was neat. The fortune telling machine was funny (has it been in another episode?) The trip to Himalaya was nice. "Well you obviously won't listen to reason, so I guess I'll listen to idioticness and come with you."

Okay, short parts I like: The battle at the start, and the PE ships weaponry. Leela humming, that was adorable. All scenes in the monastary. The monks, especially their leader. "I’ve never meet a holy man I couldn’t club."

Leelas reaction to the monks being pacifists, "Get in the laundry room or I'll kick your butt!! This is the worst crazy sect I have ever been in." (Nice to see Leela back in her take-no-crap, butt-kicking mode)

Benders talks with "God". The line "God" mentions a couple of times "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all". The banter between these two was pretty snappy. "I was god once. Yes, I saw that. You were doing alright until everybody died." LOL

Okay, wrapping up. Great episode. Top-3 with Roswell and Homeplanet of the season so far. 5 points it is (more like 4.5, but I'll be nice)

Teral gave 5 points

#48 by Bachelor Chow
Hey, great episode. Some guy earlier said that this episode had more to do with politics than religion. Well, he might be right. God's line about people not knowing you've done anything if you've done things right echoes some saying by an ancient Chinese guy (I think it was Lao-Tzu, or something like that). He wrote about how the best kind of government was the kind that, when it did something, the people would proclaim, "Great, we did it all by ourselves."

Bachelor Chow gave 4 points

#49 by Wlodar
Great, funny, spiritual

Wlodar gave 5 points

#50 by kd
One of, if not the best episode ever. Too bad they are cancelling, they could have used this episode as part of a send off with B-man drifting off permanently into space as God.

kd gave 5 points

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