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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Leela's Homeworld
First aired 02/17/02
Rank: 78/124
Reviews: 259
Rating: 80%

Bender and Professor Farnsworth decipher something far more rewarding for Leela, as Fry helps her discover some long-lost secrets about her background, including what happened to her parents.

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#41 by Teral
And enter the Leelaholics ;)

I loved this episode. Leela's "Fryish", and just as good as it's predecessor. Heartwarming, emotional and funny as h***, trademarks of Futurama that we all have come to love. If only FOX execs would watch episodes like this and Fryish, they'd come to their senses.
Although I would've prefered her to remain an alien, the mutant angle works surprisingly well too. The Leela museum (I wanna go there :)), the chase, Fry stopping Leela and the revelation of the truth about her heritage. Great writing, and great animation. The scene were Leela discovered the truth and hugged her parents was just as heartwarming and emotional as the ending of Fryish , and the way it was animated, amazing. The last segment, during the song, was nice, Leela was just the cutest of babies. :D

I kinda wished they'd saved this episode for a later season, maybe 7-8ish, but maybe they saw the writing on the wall. Leelas search for her homeplanet, and her people, was one of the most fascinating aspects about her character and they really didn't cash in on that. Only one episode, I think they could've made at least 3 or 4 more. Maybe leave little clues she could chase down, only to discover new clues and so on. They could even have used the mutant angle still, just make all the clues lead back to Earth. On the other hand, who is to say that it ends here. Leela and her parents could go on an epic journey in a future episode, to discover that they really are aliens. Maybe her parents came to Earth as small babies, the only surviviors of an alien spaceship that was destroyed in orbit, but I digress.

Things I like: The onelegged mutant (bring him back), "Honest Benders Waste Disposal" LOL, the nosemachine, that song "Baby Love Child" (it'll always remind me of Leela from now on), the highly toxic waste (kinda made me think about "Alien" ) and other stuff that eludes me now.

Some weird things: Is it me or was the drawing of Hermes really strange in the scene with the toxic waste-tasting?

Suming up: Great background info on Leela , secondbest episode of season 4 (Roswell is that more hillarious). I give it 5, I really wish I could give it 10 to up it's score a big chunck. (hey I am a Leelaholic, right ;)).

Teral gave 5 points

#42 by aslate
Good episode which finally clears up Leela's parents. Nasty that they called it Homeworld as it makes you think of her as more of an alien like that!

aslate gave 5 points

#43 by Marvin
This one was one of the lamest episodes. I watch Futurama because of its great humor. But this episode was all about Leela and his parents and... blabla... I thought that I'm watching some kind of soap opera.

Marvin gave 2 points

#44 by rustan
this episode was so boring i almost fell asleep. And it was disturbing that they exposed leela's parents

rustan gave 2 points

#45 by Danny French
I'm not sure why people are complaining that it wasn't funny. How could it have been? A topic like this demands a serious treatment - one of Futurama's great aspects is that it is capable as both comedy and serious. It was the most touching piece of Television I have ever seen and credit must be given to the composer, Christopher Tyng, for his absolutely beautiful score, which I am not ashamed to say, had me in tears by the end. Low on comedy, but exceptionally high on quality - first rate Futurama.

Danny French gave 5 points

#46 by Erdrik
I liked the scene when Bender used Fry to break the window. And the ending sequence showing Leela as she grew up was very nice.

Erdrik gave 4 points

#47 by Angel
I thought it was great. It was really touching at the end. But could someone tell me what that song's title was and the artist?

Angel gave 5 points

#48 by Aaron
Though this may make me sound like a tired nerd, this was probably the worst episode so far in Futurama. I don't care about Leela as a character, and the jokes were completely flat, some pointlss (such as the balloon.) The timing seemed off, as the big shocker was revealed in the first 5 minutes. Futurama as a whole is still excellent, but getting unnessessarily more dramatic, and the quality suffers when it does.

Aaron gave 1 point

#49 by Code_Green
I thought this was a pretty good episode. I wasn't expecting Leela to be a mutant. That's pretty cool. I likie it better knowing she's a mutant then a one eyed alien from another planet. Maybe she could use the "I'm a mutant," excuse to get Zapp Brannigan off her back. Something I noticed in the episode was that when she saw the time line of her life in her parents house, there was a picture of her from the episode "Godfellas," which was supposed to have aired before this episode, but got postponed. She said, "Hey, this is when I dropped out and bummed around India for a while."

Code_Green gave 5 points

#50 by Leigh-Ann Phelps
They can't all be hilarious. Still, even a bad Futurama is better than most other things on TV.
If anybody knows the name of the song used at the end of this episode, please email me! It's stuck in my head and I must buy it!

Leigh-Ann Phelps gave 4 points

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